Thames Barrier bridge proposal unveiled

A speculative idea for a bridge placed beside the Thames Barrier has been revealed today.

The lifting bridge would be accessible to those on foot and cycles. Beckett Rankine are behind the scheme alongside architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands.

However, this is purely speculative so don’t get too excited. TfL are so short of cash they are struggling to fund schemes in planning for decades let alone ideas drawn up now at a very early stage – and if you’re being cynical a nice bit of PR.

Still, I expect some of the press will go mad and report this like it’s a given.

A video of the proposal can be seen below:

Those behind plans say they are talking to Newham and Greenwich Council. Plans for 7,500 homes in Charlton are in place. I recently covered plans for 1,350 new homes.

1,350 home plans – barrier seen on right

North of the Thames is the 3,400 Royal Wharf scheme which has seen a 300% increase at DLR stations in just two years.

It would however need investment from central and regional government. Tellingly, there is no proposed cost. Still, if we get a new Chancellor willing to invest in infrastructure or greater devolution, we may get something similar one day.


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5 thoughts on “Thames Barrier bridge proposal unveiled

  • An utterly pointless bridge practically speaking. As pointless as the ludicrous cable car crossing. Already 2 working foot tunnels at Woolwich and Greenwich. What we really need are more crossings for cars as relying on Blackwall & Dartford alone is unrealistic with all the population in this part of England.

  • A bridge at the O2 to Canary wharf would make a brilliant cycle route out of the Thames path into London

  • I have to agree with Lord Lew Can, more river crossings in the East london are needed (and they should not be tolled).
    How west london can have so many corssing and the east only have rotherhithe, blackwall and dartford is a joke. The Silvertown crossing is pointless.
    All is needed is a crossing at either where woolwich ferry is or further up in thamesmead.
    Many drivers can then avoid coming west and put pressure on blackwall tunnel and the surrounding areas.
    We all know what happens if there’s an issue at the dartford crossing or blackwall tunnel, south east london comes to a standstill.

  • Lord Lew Can / HK… More car crossings = more cars on the road. We’ll be at the same position in 5 years.
    West London is always going to have more bridges, cheap low crossings aren’t going to be allowed east of London Bridge to allow access to the Docks / liners to Central London.

    Invest in Cycling infrastructure & public services, cheaper, more sustainable, eco friendly. It’s really not rocket science.


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