Charlton bar could be forced to close after “mass disorder”

A bar which opened in August 2022 could be closed after a number of incidents according to police and Greenwich council.

Documents state that “mass disorder” occurred last month with items being used as weapons in a video sent to police. Four days later a “female victim was struck over the head with a bottle” and stabbed according to one extract. Two further assaults occurred two days later.

Extract from document. Another mentioned a stabbing

A separate report lays out some of the claimed issues at Hayatt Lounge in Charlton since it opened in August 2022:

“On 26 September 2022, Greenwich Police Licensing, together with RBG Licensing, met with DPS Mr Kamawal and his solicitor to discuss reported incidents of licence breaches in terms of noise; fly-tipping and subsequent threats made to members of the RBG EnviroCrime team upon the issue of a fixed penalty; lack of traffic management which resulted in patrons blocking the road with their cars; initial refusals to admit visiting officers; shisha misuse; and allegations of theft from a neighbouring premises”.

A report before the council’s Licensing Committee meeting next week states things did improve in many areas:

“In respect of the aforementioned monitoring visits, it is correct to state that there was marked improvement in terms of conduct and organisation in the weeks following the 26th September meeting with Mr Kamawal.

“The flytipping penalty was paid and there were no further incidents of that kind; a traffic management system was introduced, manned by trained marshals; security provided access and escort to visiting council officers; and no further theft allegations were made.”

Yet the report states noise complaints continued and then the three violent incidents occurred on three separate days last month.

Greenwich councillors will decide on the venue’s fate next week.


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