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Armed man arrested after visiting Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich

Hospital entrance

A 44 year old man was arrested after being spotted with a gun (and possibly two) in QE Hospital in Woolwich yesterday.

According to police he left the scene but was arrested nearby. The hospital apparently entered lockdown with movements restricted in some areas.

There was also concern in the hospital that a woman had a knife which proved unfounded.

Armed police were on scene in numbers shortly after the incident was reported.


  1. Graham

    Well done to both the QH Hospital staff for acting quickly and putting measures in place and to the Met police for acting so quickly. It is disgusting that an incident like this happen in an Hospital dealing with sick and vulnerable people. I also hope the woman is found and arrested for having a weapon in a public place, Hopefully the Hospital CCTV will be able to identify her,

  2. Singh

    The woman was a 75 year old lady who was wear a small karpan. There was no knife as the papers have made out

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