Woolwich tower built while ignoring approved design: Flats still being marketed

A Woolwich tower built with substantial revisions to its design constructed without approval appears still appears to have flats being marketed.

Hamptons have signs are up on the ground floor of one block with flats being advertised online.

Mast Quay’s last phase has been built over the past couple of years and appears substantially different to what was approved.

Before changes

Developer Comer Homes only applied to make substantial external design changes after construction was all but complete. Those changes were rejected in January this year.

Yet some flats and balconies suggest some residents may have moved in.

In addition, the developer were still advertising the development using old images of the approved – but not built – design on 23 March this year.

Image from Comer Homes ‘Facebook page on 23 March this year

The finished project saw extensive changes with an extremely basic tower constructed and many design elements dropped.

Here the tower’s façade can be seen beside the large waiting area for the Woolwich ferry.

At heart the design was already 20 years old. Rather than redesign the dated aspects such as small windows were kept – while elements such as extensive glazing and large balconies were ditched.

Woolwich tower

Hamptons also have a Mast Quay page here, with neither the main banner image at the top nor those below bearing resemblance to what was actually built.

Changing design is nothing new post-approval, but it’s rarely on this level nor is it only submitted upon completion of almost the entire development as we’ve seen in Woolwich.

Comer Homes Group describe themselves as being “renowned for the high-quality, specialist developments it undertakes. Every site has a unique vision and style to produce developments of distinction. The company builds homes that are highly desirable and will last well into the future.”






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    2 thoughts on “Woolwich tower built while ignoring approved design: Flats still being marketed

    • How did they get permission to have people move in??

    • So, is this up for discussion at council, and will they be asked to stop marketing whilst a decision is made, or will council want compensation, or will the developers get away with it scot free. Does anyone know? Is any council worker actually awake? Or like the phantom street sweepers, who seem to be working from home 🤔😠


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