Commuters told to avoid Woolwich Arsenal and Lewisham stations

TfL have revealed a list of 20 stations across London that commuters should avoid where possible. Among the 20 are Woolwich Arsenal and Lewisham.

These are some of busiest stations on the network in terms of commuter flow:

The connection between Woolwich Arsenal rail and DLR station has also been blocked due to a new one-way system.

Of course, whether people actually can avoid these stations at the busiest times is another matter when employers tell them to get into work.

Woolwich Arsenal DLR station

Social distancing means capacity on public transport will need to be reduced by 90 per cent. There are three millions daily commuters in London. If people turn to cars en masse, resulting gridlock would be on a scale unlikely to have been seen – and many couldn’t park in major areas of employment anyway, hence the push to encourage cycling where it’s possible.

Of course cycling presents its own challenges if travelling to say, Canary Wharf. But for those who can use a bike, every person who does results in one less car and more space for whom public transport is essential.


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7 thoughts on “Commuters told to avoid Woolwich Arsenal and Lewisham stations

  • The Lewisham stations are bad at the best of times, so there is no surprise that they should feature on the list.

  • Don’t worry folks, cycling several miles is so simple. The Bermondsey stretch of the cycle lane is still a mass of road works you share with the traffic and there is nothing for you before and after Deptford anyway (apart from the fast moving junction at Deptford Church Street and the Rotherhithe one-way). There’s always the Old Kent Road….
    Boris has said you can drive instead. He has also put the congestion charge up and parking in town is so cheap and easy…..
    What are London commuters (I am not one thank heavens) meant to do?

  • Talking of cycling to canary wharf… isn’t the foot tunnel still closed?

    • Open on weekdays only. Not a good option really.

  • Please, a new pedestrian/cycle crossing either near Greenwich foot tunnel or Greenwich Peninsula.
    (and use the cameras in the foot tunnel to impose fines on people cycling in there – its too narrow).
    There was plans for a new bridge – what happened to them? I never heard that it was scrapped.

    • Rotherhithe bridge plan was scrapped unfortunately

      • Do you think the proposed Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf passenger ferry will be delayed or scrapped due to the current financial crisis at TFL? I was disappointed that the Rotherhithe Bridge was cancelled.

        I agree with John Norman that a foot cycling bridge across the River Thames in the Borough Greenwich would be a good idea if both the Government and TFL want to encourage more walking and cycling.


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