Church found selling fake covid cure now advertising on London buses

At least one Transport for London bus in London has been carrying adverts for a church investigated for selling “plague protection kits”.

Numerous media outlets covered news last spring that vials were being sold by Kingdom Church in Camberwell.

Sky News reported that the church was selling the apparent “cure” which stated a “£91 small bottle of oil and piece of red yarn would protect people”. The church has previously been fined £7,740.50 due to overnight “Demon Banishing Services” held around 3am.

At least one bus photographed in January 2021 has been seen carrying an advert for the church.


Following reports last spring and a look into the organisation’s finances, an investigation into the church was launched in August 2020 by the Charity Commission which states:

“The regulator first opened a regulatory case into the charity after media reports that it was selling a ‘plague protection kit’ which it was claimed would cure and protect against the Covid-19 virus. This led to liaison with Southwark Council which had opened a Trading Standards investigation into the sale of the kits.

Since then, the Commission has examined the charity’s records, revealing concerns about its finances. The regulator is concerned about the accuracy of information provided to the Commission regarding the charity’s income and expenditure.”

The church’s website still has a pop up stating “are you facing witchcraft” and lists medical issues as evidence of both witchcraft and demonic possession, with links people to a course costing £3,500.

TfL have strict policies in place regarding certain adverts. In 2019 TfL did manage to ban an advert containing bacon, butter and jam as part of it’s anti-junk food policy.

In a comment TfL stated the church do not contravene TfL’s guidelines and so will permit the adverts.


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    7 thoughts on “Church found selling fake covid cure now advertising on London buses

    • What does the London Mayor Sadiq Khan have to say about this? He is always quoting TFL as needing more support! Perhaps he was glad of the money and didn’t care where it came from?

      When you have churches like this, you can understand how Covid hits BAME so badly?

    • I totally agree DWW and that is why so many BAME people are not taking the virus seriously despite Covid badly affecting their communituies.

      They need to stop listening to people in some of these Churches etc and neeed to listen more to the Health Care Professional and Scientist as they are putting their own lives at risk,

      Please please adhere to the rules wear a face covering on public transport in shops and in confined spaces and social distance only go out for essential journeys or to work,

      Please do not gather in groups either. This must be taken with the upmost seriousness.

    • There’s plenty of white groups mixing without taking precautions.

      It’s Shaun Bailey that has said to advertise anywhere and everywhere to make up £2 billion income shortfall – even though it wont come close.

      TfL have said they’re getting back tomorrow. Will be interesting to see what they say given what adverts they’ve banned previously.

      • I agree Murky. It will be interesting to see what TFL have to say given the adverts they have banned previously.

      • Surely BBC London would be interested to follow this up too?

    • it would be interesting to know how the nasty members of this church involved in selling fake Covid cures at £91.00 a time for their own personal gain feel now the Covid death toll as reached over 100,00. .

      It is partly but not wholly due to people like them praying on vulnerable selling fake cures or cinvincing them the virus is fake that we are still in the midst of the covid pandemic.

      Again I urge everyone please wear your mask wash you hands regularly and adhered to social distancing measures at all times. Every single person needs to play their part. It can also avoid you being issued with a £200 fine.


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