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Police raid building on Parry Place in Woolwich

A police operation was launched this afternoon targeting Parry Place in Woolwich.

Around 30 officers are in the area with some seen entering Eltham Welding Supplies.

At least two people have been arrested. Police report a cannabis farm was on site.

Forensic staff have been on site for some hours.



  1. Grump000

    What was going on in there???? Saw all the police and people gathered round but I have no idea what’s happened lol

  2. Plumstead Resident

    That road is one of the dodgiest in the whole area! It also suffers from an appalling level of illegal parking with cars frequently parked on the pavement!

    • fractalgeekuk

      Never understood why there was so much illegal parking given the presence of the local warden office on it….

  3. Graham

    Agreed Plumstead Resident high level of anti social behaviour around Parry Place.

    Hence one of the reasons a lot of people are so keen to see the Spray Street development get under way to hopefully regenerate the areaand make it better and safer for local residents.

  4. Disappointed

    I also agree with plumstead resident 100%
    However I wish the environmental officers would get round there too. Those shops could do with a good clean.

    Let’s hope the police raid was a fruitful one.

    • nobby

      certainly was fruitful, they unconverted a multi million pound cannabis operation…
      Still we aren’t allowed to redevelop the spray street area as it will upset a few snowflakes.

      Also this unit was the venue for illegal raves previously, it is a joke what happens around the spray street area without the council taking long term actions

  5. Peter Sharp

    As the Sheriffs already cleared the site of squatters on national TV earlier this year how come the situation wasn`t being monitored???

  6. Yogesh Sharma

    This property is on today’s (27 October) episode of “The Sheriffs Are Coming” on BBC 1″ … about 15 minutes in from the start.

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