Woolwich historic building used by Punchdrunk to be renovated

A building on the Royal Arsenal site is to see renovations as new plans submitted.

Building 17 is used by Punchdrunk and will see work undertaken to improve various areas of the structure including:

• Erection of scaffolding to the main elevation.
• Repair and redecoration of the windows.
• Application of privacy film to the upper level windows.
• Repair and redecoration of the hoppers and downpipes.
• Isolated brick and stone repairs.

The building was formerly part of the Firepower museum which closed some years ago.

Former museum in modern extension with older structure seen to right

It then became part of the Woolwich Works project with occupation by theatre company Punchdrunk who have held performance of The Burnt City onsite.

The building was given Grade II listed status in 1997.

Details of the application can be seen here.



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2 thoughts on “Woolwich historic building used by Punchdrunk to be renovated

  • “Woolwich historic building used by Punchdrunk to be renovated”. Who is paying for this? Is it yet more from the Council Tax, in addition to the £42 million to create Woolwich Works, plus other secret loans and bail-outs?

  • Who is the new user ?
    Any space for the Museum to move back there courtesy of the new user – if there is one ?


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