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New wards open at Woolwich’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Hospital entrance

Here’s some good news for the weekend. Two new wards featuring 58 beds have opened at the QE Hospital in Woolwich.

I covered plans for 100 extra beds last December. This opening of 58 will see more to follow.

A new pharmacy also opened last week. Anyone who has had a one hour (or longer) wait will be very grateful for that.


  1. Chris

    Good news indeed. To balance this the new franchisee for The Clover Health Centre in Woolwich has already cut costs by axing Saturday morning surgeries.

  2. Alan Scroggs

    It is good news about the new ward’s at the QE Hospital.
    But what about additional parking.
    I was driving around the car park for 30 minutes the other day.
    Surely a small amount of the common could be used for this purpose.
    Alan S

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