Controversial Woolwich club seeks late license

A Woolwich club will tonight find out whether its application for a late license will be approved. The club, formerly Da Place and now known as Rooftop Lounge is located on Spray Street in Woolwich.

A previous application was refused in 2015 after representations by Met Police, RBG Trading Standards, RBG Environmental Health and RBG Planning. There had been issues of violence in the area.

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However since the refusal it has continued to operate using Temporary Event Notices.

Despite a history of issues Greenwich Council have been permitting events on Sunday evenings until 2:59am, when music and alcohol should cease. Yet the clubs own social media and posters state they have opened until 4am.

Social media is also awash with complaints from people in the area with children that have school the next day and those with work being disturbed due to those late events on a Sunday evening.

Less issues would likely arise if they were held on Friday or Saturday nights.

Greenwich Council staff have visited at 23:00 hours on a Friday or Saturday nights in recent years, but this is when a Temporary Event Notice night is not taking place.

The license application will be heard tonight at 6:30pm at Woolwich Town Hall.


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