South East London developments – now on maps!

With the number of developments currently under way, or proposed, it can be a bit overwhelming to work out what is happening where, particularly in places seeing a very large number such as Woolwich, Lewisham, Greenwich and Deptford. I’ve created maps for Greenwich, Lewisham and Bexley boroughs which show various development plans. It’s very much a work in progress which I’ll update with more details soon. First up, here’s Greenwich borough developments. You can see the sheer number in Woolwich and Greenwich:

There’s many here that slipped under the radar – the conversion of Woolwich’s police station and Magistrates court for example, along with ongoing conversions above shops on Hare Street.

Next up is Lewisham borough. Lewisham and Deptford are the hot spots here. Deptford in particular has some very large developments – 3500 at Convoys Wharf, 1132 at Oxetalls Road, 1300+ at Marine Wharf and neighbouring developments. You may have seen a tower rising in recent months in north Deptford which is located at that site.

Finally, there is Bexley borough. There are less development sites here than the other two boroughs, with most concentrated in the north of the borough. Some of these are very large schemes however – 1900 homes at Thamesmead as part of Peabody’s Housing Zone scheme, plus thousands across Erith including the vast Erith park development and forthcoming Erith Quarry.

Erith is well worth a dedicated post in the near future. There’s huge scope for large scale building at various sites. It even has the worlds biggest supermarket distribution depot being built, which should be interesting for traffic, located as it is between the Dartford crossing and the Blackwall tunnel. I generally havn’t included industrial sites, but I have when as substantial as the one coming at Erith.

Once again, the maps are very much a work in progress. Many listings lack details of numbers, planning references, website links and details of stages which I’ll be working on. But it’s still useful to show the scale across towns, and if passing a site you can have a look and hopefully find out what it is. If I’ve missed any let me know.


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