Glimpse inside Silvertown tunnel as tunnelling from Greenwich finishes

The construction company behind the Silvertown tunnel has shown the inside of Silverlink tunnel as work on digging both tunnels completes.

Tunnelling from consortium Riverlinx constructing the project on behalf of TfL has finished roughly two years before the expected spring 2025 opening.

It first became apparent the tunnelling machine had completed its run from Greenwich to Silvertown a couple of weeks back. After being given a heads up I popped over the site on the Cable Car with the tunnelling machine visible below.

Inside the tunnel

It was also clear to see the northern portal buildings taking shape as above ground structures became evident.

It’s not so easy to view similar on the Greenwich side, though we can see how so much of the peninsula remains giant car parks 25 years after work began to transform this area.

Masses of tarmac across peninsula

London may be in the grip of a housing crises, with a shortage of homes to live in but so much remains undeveloped.

Transport for London will charge tolls upon the opening of the new tunnel as well as applying them to the Blackwall tunnel, though even with that their latest modelling predicts more vehicles entering congested Greenwich roads each afternoon.

Looking down on Silvertown and towards Canning Town

That level of traffic is dependent on a future Mayor not reducing or removing fees.

Those giant car parks also act as a major incentive to drive the area. Upon completion roads around the north will look like this –

Northern portal

While over in Greenwich this is the expected final layout –

Both tunnels converge on same road in Greenwich unlike in Silvertown

Riverlinx also included an image showing portal works in Greenwich –

Courtesy Riverlinx. Greenwich worksite

To the north, here’s a photo taken this month from the Cable Car showing above-ground structures –

Structures around northern portal

Tunnel fit-out alongside completion of both portal structures and approach roads will be undertaken over the next couple of years.

Unfortunately while spoil is being removed by barge in Silvertown, that ceased in Greenwich with lorries being used.



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