The White Swan pub in Charlton could become a shop

Plans are in to convert Charlton pub The White Swan into a retail unit.

The pub has been closed for some time with applications previously submitted for homes to the rear and upper floor of the site.

From planning application

Seven flats are proposed from site owner Mendoza. An extension above the existing building has also been included. The document states:

“The proposed additional storeys to The White Swan would have a positive impact on the significance of the building itself, and a minor positive contribution to the significance of the conservation area and the non-designated Nos 12-18, by virtue of reinstating the lost upper floors (albeit with an additional half-storey) to better reveal the architectural cohesiveness of the historic village core.”

Rear of site

Mendoza claim there was no interest in the pub while Tesco would take it on.

However a local fundraising campaign has recently been undertaken to take control.

The building was locally listed last month by Greenwich Council. It hasn’t poured any pints since 2020.

In relation to the loss of a pub, the application states:

“The proposed change of use would result in the loss of the original use of the building, but does retain a community use in the form of a retail unit, thereby maintaining an active frontage.

White Swan frontage

“This would have a neutral impact on the conservation area, but result in the White Swan’s contribution to the significance of the conservation area being retained, resulting in no harm to the asset.”

The application can be viewed by clicking here.



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    4 thoughts on “The White Swan pub in Charlton could become a shop

    • Green Council can’t justify a 4th grocer in the village

    • That would be very sad! I think every effort should be made to save it as a pub.

    • Would rather not see it change keep
      As a pub for sure

    • Let’s be real, the other pub around the corner barely get any customer. Tesco would be a nice addition to/instead of horrendous coop. A nice cafe and coffee shop would be good as well. We need diversity here. The current Charlton village high street is in a sad state. We don’t even have any nice restaurant or place to sit.


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