Bugsby’s Way crash causing heavy delays across Greenwich and Charlton

An accident on Bugsby’s Way is causing long tailbacks across Greenwich and Charlton this afternoon.

Traffic is slow moving throughout much of the area causing long delays. TfL have warned of long delays on buses. Roadworks in Woolwich are adding to the issue.


Some have wondered if this is a pre-cursor to Ikea opening in 2019.

Earlier today I put up a post showing bus use falling in London despite a rising population and all other forms of transport growing. Slow speeds and traffic is blamed.


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10 thoughts on “Bugsby’s Way crash causing heavy delays across Greenwich and Charlton

  • I walked past there during the jam. Tne accident was near Primark and involved three cars in what looked to be a quite a minor episode. Why mile long tailbacks were needlessly allowed to happen is beyond me.

  • I don’t think that three smashed up cars is a minor incident; it looked pretty horrendous for all concerned in the incident. What was a five minute car ride from Greenwich Millennium Village to Sainsbury’s took us two and a half hours there and back. I do hope the people in the crash are OK.

  • The delay was largely down to waiting for ‘forensic recovery’ of one of the cars involved.

  • what cars were involved and is the road likely to be open tomorrow

  • lets set thr record strsight as i was the driver who was hit head on by a jerk who allegedly drove a stolen car across the intersection and ran off i would not call it a MINOR accident

    • I walked past the accident as I work in the area and I would agree with you and I hope yourself and any1 else who was in ur car and the car behind is ok

  • @Beeny: Out of interest, what would convince you to not do the five minute car ride, and instead take the bus or walk? (Apart from the horrendous traffic of course, which took up 2.5 hours of your day). Obviously the bus is also caught up in the traffic because there is no lane segregation, but isn’t one of the main problems that there are just too many people driving in this area? Don’t mean this to be a negative comment, just that it would be interesting to know how we can encourage more use of public transport as this would surely benefit the area (faster and more reliable bus time, less pollution, more pleasant place to live).

    • @Greenwich Fan; being a full-time unpaid carer requires the use of a Motability vehicle 24/7 for the person who has disabilities that I care for. If I was not a full-time unpaid carer then I would use public transport; I do hope that clears it up for you and I do hope you practice what you preach. I am guessing the “we” in “how can we encourage more use of public transport…….” comment is just little old you? Remember not everyone who drives does it for pleasure some of us do it out of necessity because the person with disabilities cannot be left home alone.

      @Luck2bealive ; must have been awful for you and others involved. So glad you commented to let us know what had happened.

      • @Beeny, thanks for taking the time to reply. It is clear that some people must use a car. I only wish that it was such that you didn’t get stuck in traffic like the kind we see almost every day in Greenwich. But I am not sure what the solution is.

        Yes, I have not had a car since moving to London 15 years ago, as I have no need for it.

        • @GreenwichFan; born and raised in Greenwich and moving to Whitstable in the next two years so that is my solution. All the best.


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