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Cinema expansion approved at the Cineworld o2 – eight more screens as well as new restaurants


Plans were this week approved to construct eight more screens at Cineworld located within the o2 in North Greenwich. The cinema currently has 11 screens.

The applications states:

“The reason for the extension to the cinema is to provide a variety of cinematic experiences and the new auditoriums will include a ‘four dimensional’ experience, an IMAX-style screen, as well as a more independent-style auditorium”

Also approved were plans for seven more restaurant or retail units in unused space within the structure.

Retail on hold?

Other plans previously announced were 100 shops in a designer outlet village, though recent rumours appear to suggest this is now on hold.

Some have put this down to Brexit, which seems a bit odd. This scheme has been held up as London’s version of Bicester Village, which sees a great deal of its visitors coming from China and other Asian states. The weaker pound will if anything increase visitors from these areas.

And for those wishing to walk or cycle to the o2 from the many new developments at the south of the Peninsula, such as Enderby Wharf, as well as from east Greenwich or Charlton? Well, you’ll still have to contend with a very hostile road network with minimal crossings.

On the subject of those new developments, the developers behind “River Gardens” also saw plans approved to increase the number of homes increase from 439 to 451.


  1. What’s your source for the cinema expansion plans? Your link just goes to the Cineworld website.

  2. Comment by post author

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ve changed it to link to Greenwich Council’s document showing the plans. It’s this page:

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