Looking at some lesser known Lewisham housing proposals

I passed by Lewisham the other day and saw that Flora Villas is up to around the fifth floor. It’s been overlooked given the numerous new builds in the vicinity:

Flora Villas

The recently completed student block is on the left. It’s a development from NFC Homes and 56 flats are contained within this rising block. Nothing amazing but far better than the piss-poor Family Mosaic prison block beside. Here’s the finished article:

Flora Villas

Also nearby is a proposal at the former site of a Texaco petrol station by the rail bridge. This is on the other side to the tracks to the recently opened Premier Inn:

Isabella apartments

Isabella aprtments 2

There are plans for 28 flats. Timothy Associates are behind this. The petrol station has recently been demolished.

Lewisham Gateway

There’s a few more things recently happening in Lewisham. These are much more substantial. Firstly, there’s proposals to raise the height of forthcoming towers in the next stage of “New Lewisham”, or Lewisham Gateway, which has produced the altered road layout, as Deptford Dame points out here.

A height increase is proposed which I don’t mind if it breaks up the skyline. Nothing worse than a number of towers all at the very same height creating a giant wall, as Berkeley are proposing at Woolwich riverside. But it’s crucial the towers are good design and allowed to breath, with ample space at street level. A 20 metre taller tower that is slimmer and elegant is far preferable to a stumpy slab that eats away public space.

Unfortunately this doesn’t appear to be happening. The main tower is very close to other buildings and still appears quite lumpen. The butterfly-winged roof is likely to exacerbate this. A tapered roof line would break up the flat roofed monotony and lessen the bulk.

lewisham gateway massing

The reduction of commercial space is a concern. Lewisham is seeing many thousands of new homes and residents. It should easily be able to accommodate commercial space on the busy thoroughfare from the station to the existing town centre.

L&G Proposals

Lewisham L&G 2

A stones throw away and Legal & General have submitted plans for 536 homes in various towers along Loampit Vale and Thurston Road.

I covered this proposal back in February.

Lethbridge and Heathside estate redevelopment

The oft-overlooked Lethbridge and Heathside estate redevelopment continues. Family Mosaic have taken the lead in the project that sees 1200 homes being built here over six phases. If you’re wondering where this is, then it’s the brightly coloured blocks up on the hill overlooking Lewisham station.

Next stage popping through. Taken from train.
Next stage popping through. Taken from train.

This is from Lewisham Council’s website:

“Of the 200 homes for social rent currently built, around 170 are occupied by residents of the original Heathside and Lethbridge estate. Five resident leaseholders have bought into the development through shared equity.

· Phase 1: 138 homes were built between August 2010 and October 2012. This includes 80 homes for social rent, the rest being for sale and shared ownership.

· Phase 2: 190 homes were built between January 2011 and April 2013, including 70 for social rent. Of these, 50 form a designated over 55’s block designed to replace an over 55’s block on the original estate.

· Phase 3: Started on site in August 2013 with the first stage of 49 social rent homes now complete and occupied. The remaining homes are expected to be complete in stages during 2016 – 2017. This is 11 months later than previously reported. The build delay has been due to awaiting the moving of statutory service. There will be a further 49 homes for social rent, 8 for shared equity and 112 for sale.

· Phase 4: Vacant possession of Phase 4A and 4B has now been achieved and demolition has commenced. The land will be transferred to Family Mosaic once demolition is complete. Phase 4A includes 169 total units made up of 54 for rent, 4 for shared equity and 111 private sale and are expected to be complete in late 2017. Phase 4B contains 67 units, all of which are for social rent and are expected to be complete by early 2018.”




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