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Lewisham station platform work to reduce train gap

Lewisham platform in 2017

This happened some months ago but I was reminded of it this week while waiting for a train (yes, it was an essential journey).

Taken April 2020

Work has been carried out by Network Rail to slightly reduce the large gaps between platforms and trains at Lewisham station.

New platform edges

While at the station I again wished how Platform 4’s now permanently closed exit would be re-opened. It’d make like much easier.

New entrance to DLR and rail in plans

Last month it was revealed that £5.5 million was to be allocated to look at long-term changes to the station.

Work now underway on tower beside Lewisham station

A new entrance and exit is planned as part of an adjacent 35-floor tower – but there’s no commitment to actually staffing it once complete.

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  1. I can’t say that I have noticed, but I avoid as much as possible alighting at platforms 2 and 3.

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