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Bus passengers down; tube passengers up – the latest TfL data out

Transport for London have released the latest data on passenger journeys across London. As is the pattern for most of this financial year, tube numbers are up, rail is up, the DLR is stable and bus use continues to fall.

Monthly figures are of course volatile, but this month’s handily correspond to the general pattern this financial year.

Tube use was 109.2 million this year in month 7 of the financial year v 108.6 million last year.

DLR was 9.6 million last year and this.

London Overground was 16.9 million this year and 15.6m last year. This is volatile due to closures on some routes.

TfL Rail (a precursor to Crossrail) is 4.7million this year versus 3.8 million last year. TfL have taken over some west London routes to Heathrow and Hayes since last year.

Bus use was down from 186.9 million to 183.5 million. This is the lowest since 2010 and is a serious point of concern for TfL.


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  1. anonymous201486

    Hardly surprising considering how slow bus journeys have become. Since qualifying for a 60+ Oystercard, I travel more by the faster methods.

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