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Long term A2 roadworks begin near Bexleyheath

Courtesy TfL

Transport for London have begun work on the A2 Rochester Way at the Danson interchange.

Upgrades are planned near the junction leading off towards Bexleyheath with an overpass seeing extensive work undertaken. Roadworks are expected to last at least five months.

Work got underway this past week with traffic towards Kent backing up as lanes are closed.

TfL warn bus routes serving the area such as the B15 could be disrupted.




  1. Graham

    This will also have an affect on routes B13 and B14. Route B14 Serves Danson Park Road and the Danson Interchange and currently only operates every 30 minutes with small single decker buses.

    With the current restrictions on passengers numbers allowed on buses due to Covid-19 which I believe is 7 passengers on this size of bus this will really affect passengers this winter.

    TFL may need to run an emergency schedule on route B14 with extra buses for the duration of the road works. Route B14 also serves Queen Marys Hospital in Sidcup.

  2. Frank

    TFL ploy to get everyone back on trains

    • Bob

      I suspect Frank is correct. A cynical ploy indeed, particularly for those who have to commute into London before trains are running or use vehicles to transport goods or materials. These people are collateral damage, I’m sure most are aware that five months to undertake this work is totally arbitrary.

  3. Kelsey

    It’s a joke! Traffic is horrendous! 5 months is too long!

  4. Frank Ryan

    Last night on the A2 FROM 2305 ON THE 30 th October untill midnight on the Junction turn off for the M25 going south to Kent it took that long to get to the Bluewater turn off to get back on the A2 after the road was closed for works .

  5. PETER

    apparently tailbacks have been as far back as SUN IN THE SANDS ROUNDABOUT IN RUSH HOUR ! 5 months, Crazy Are they working at Night NO.
    I now use the A20, and Birchwood Road every day !

    • Comment by post author


      Queues back to there have been a daily occurrence for years, which is a core reason adding another tunnels worth of traffic via Silvertown is a bad idea.

    • dee

      is that any quicker? I am having to work late every night to make up the time I am late each morning

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