Severe disruption to south east London buses with roadworks beside Plumstead bus garage

Roadworks on the one-way system around Plumstead bus garage are causing severe delays today (Thursday 27 October).

The bridge near McDonalds has long seen short term patch-ups as the road surface degrades.

Roadworks are due to run until 31st October.

Gridlock around bus garage

In the meantime the area is gridlocked. Buses entering and exiting the bus garage are stuck in heavy traffic.

Queues extend some way towards Plumstead in the east and Woolwich to the west.

It appears Greenwich Council are behind these works. They used to explain why work was being undertaken but no longer appear to.

No explanation offered

I’ve seen no advance notice of these works and asking around, no one else seems to either despite the impact on bus services across south east London.

I’ll contact Greenwich Council to find out more but they also now appear afraid of any sort of questions and scrutiny and their press office told me this week they are now refusing answer queries.

No other authority contacted whether council, TfL or other bodies has ever acted that way.

The council leader has been notified of the Press Office’s actions.

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    3 thoughts on “Severe disruption to south east London buses with roadworks beside Plumstead bus garage

    • Today it seems like there are roadworks on every road and around every corner.. what kind of bad practise is this. The word incompetence springs to mind.

    • Let me get this right. The press office are not going to answer questions from the local press and bloggers?
      It begs a rather big question — wtf are they there for?

    • Their paycheck and their ego


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