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Lewisham, Woolwich

Flooding hits Woolwich and Lewisham

Courtesy André Filipe Quaresma Lopes

Areas of south east London are under water tonight after hours of heavy rainfall.

Roads under railway bridges in Lewisham beside Premier Inn are flooded, and over in Woolwich the dual carriageway near Woolwich ferry is also flooded.

The areas of lewisham under water have seen numerous floods in recent years. Extensive work has been undertaken to rivers though problems persist.

Angelsea Road in Woolwich has also seen the fire brigade pumping water out of the street.


  1. Graham

    A lot of local roads in the Borough of Greenwich have also seen flooding last night after heavy rain fall. The problem of drainage as not been helped by moving drains to make way for road humps, cycle super highways and other road layout alterations etc making it harder for rain to drain away.

    Also you very rarely seen drains being cleaned anymore. It used to be done routinely a few times a year. Now your lucky if they are cleaned once a year. To be honest I think they only get cleaned if a drain is reported as blocked.

  2. JB

    Graham, re this sentence, can you share your sources to back this up? ‘The problem of drainage as not been helped by moving drains to make way for road humps, cycle super highways and other road layout alterations etc making it harder for rain to drain away.’

  3. Graham

    JB I can back this up. I had a drain on the corner of my road which was moved to make a raised junction.The drain was placed just around the corner of a neighbouring road,

    I have nothing against raised junctions cycle highways etc as road safety is paramount. I just think an extra drain may have helped for rain water to run way where alterations to roads have been carry out.

    I stand by my comments with regard to the drains being cleaned by the Council.

    However, the drain was moved a few metres away and now this junction floods each time we get really heavy rain as it is now harder for rain water to run away as quickly as it did before.

    Obviously I am not going to give some random stranger my address.

  4. I drove through that flood this morning on my to Tesco’s. The water is up to the axle.

  5. Kevin

    The drains are in urgent need of cleaning by the Council. The Junction of Charlton Park Lane and Shooters Hill Road is also flooded since the really heavy rain of yesterday with the rain water struggling to run down the drain.

  6. CDT

    I think with so much development on going across London the current sewage system is struggling to cope as the population continues to grow. When we get severe weather like we did not on Saturday flooding quickly occurs.

    • O Hilton

      This wasn’t sewage and nothing to do with the new development (people are so quick to bash anything new in their area). It is road water run-off after heavy rainfall. After ringing Lewisham council and Thames Water they both agreed that it was down to TFL to sort as this is a RED route. The run-off drains need to be pumped as they are clogged with trash and leaves. Thames water wont act as they say it’s not sewage. I’ve seen numerous people throwing trash like we live in a 3rd world country. No respect for the environment leads to flooding. The fire brigade attended because a bus hit a street sign trying to avid the flooding. They were just kind enough to drain some of the water too.

  7. Graham

    @ O Hilton. I could not agree with you more. People will drop rubbish anywhere even when a public bin is close by them on the street or in the park.

    They have no respect for other people and no respect for the environment.

    We are not knocking new developments but do knock the lack of new infrastructure and amenities in areas around new developments.

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