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Southeastern train breaks down blocking four tracks – delays expected

Your journey home could be a bit more troublesome (is that possible, you cry?) as a Southeastern train has come to a halt near Grove Park while crossing points, blocking four tracks.

Four tracks to and from London Bridge will cause a fair bit of disruption tonight unless they can get it moving asap.

Check before you travel, and maybe head to the pub if it gets too bad.

4:20pm Update: The train is now moved. It had gapped meaning all connecting “shoes” from the train to the rail to pick up electricity were not in contact. This issue has happened at Victoria in recent weeks causing long delays.

Fortunately, London Bridge rebuild work means recovery is easier with updated approach rails and more through tracks and platforms at London Bridge.

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  1. Chris Nash

    Southeastern have recently been making an effort to explain the technical reasons behind problems or delays on its services. Although you might think it’s no better than just saying “the train is delayed due to signalling problems”, giving out information like this really does help passengers to feel more “in control” of their journey. There’s nothing worse than being stuck at a red signal for ten minutes or more, with the driver chiming in every few minutes to inform passengers that there are “signalling problems” – or worse, that he has no idea why they’re being held and nobody will tell him…

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