Blackheath station set for comprehensive renovation work

Plans have been submitted by Network Rail to renovate and restore Blackheath station.

The station is Grade II listed and set to see work to renovate and replace canopies, glazing and restore historic features.

Blackheath station looking towards platform 1.

Green and cream paint will also make a prominent appearance in line with the station’s past appearance.

A full feature list is included in documents including replacement of “daggerboards (the aesthetic timber boards used around the edge of railway canopy facias, also known as valances)”.

Example of changes included within Network Rail document

Glazed sections of the canopy roof will be replaced with new materials, while a covered window on the overbridge will be opened up once more.

Timber cladding on the bridge will also be replaced and painted green.


Southeastern serve the station though Network Rail are undertaking the project with funding assistance from the Rail Heritage Trust. The Blackheath Society have also been involved.

The existing colour scheme gained approval in 2008 with the Southeastern corporate identity generally staying the same since the 2006 franchise award despite management transferring from Go-Ahead to the Department for Transport.

Southeastern colour scheme of grey with blue/purple bands seen here one station along at Lewisham

That colour palette of “the blue and grey colours will be changed to green and cream/white” in keeping with both the railway’s history and restoration work at other stations.

There’s a handy set of images within documents showing similar work at other stations which appear to be a vast improvement.

Examples of previous station improvement work

The station dates from 1847 and designed by George Smith. Walkways lead up to street level which was a later 1880 construction.

An overbridge links both platforms and is in pretty poor shape.

Ramp to street level and overbridge

Sidings existed until 1970 while the canopies themselves were shortened.

They formerly ran as far as the entrance on platform 2. In the elbow image they offered cover from the elements up to an entrance/exit to car park on platform 2.

Canopy formerly extended to where wall starts to rise

The opposite side saw a bay platform with the area beside former tracks now fenced off.

Extension works were carried out for 12-car trains planned to run from the early 1990s which have almost never ran since.

Fence on left on former bay platform where tracks formerly existed beyond

The station also possesses the biggest station boards along the entire line for some reason.

Nothing to do with its heritage but their boldness makes me smile. This is Blackheath and you better recognise it.

No puny station boards for Blackheath

And finally, crests attached to columns on both platforms 1 & 2 will be restored and repainted.

Details of proposed changes can be seen here.

UPDATE: The Blackheath Society have been in touch with information on further improvement works:

“You might like to know that Southeastern Railway is also planning to repaint the front of the station, which has looked bad for some time now, the booking office and the waiting room this year.

“The Society has been urging the three organisations to agree the funding for all this work for some time now and we are delighted that it will finally be happening. When the front has been repainted we will also re-attach the weight sign at the station entrance which we recovered after it was stolen.”

Top work by all involved and I look forward to covering progress on the site.



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    10 thoughts on “Blackheath station set for comprehensive renovation work

    • Large “running in” station name boards are the norm on many stations around the country.

      First and last on each platform so that passengers can see which station they are entering.

      • Indeed but none on the Metro lines to Dartford and there’s about 30 of them.

        Only Blackheath stands proud and alone signifying its presence with a mammoth sign. Was this a Network South East thing? Why only there? A mystery lost to the ages

        • That overly large sign has always amused me. They put it in in 2012 for the Olympic events held nearby in Greenwich Park. The station got a full spruce up and also a temp footbridge between the platforms to handle the extra crowds at the time.

        • I think they were probably lost with platform extensions and the introduction of trains with announcements.

    • In tribute I went to Charlton Station and shouted “Puny station boards, leave Hulk alone!”

    • Lovely news. I often wonder about this at the station as some of the canopy is really falling apart but you can see the arches hide some great history & potential after a refresh.

      Especially the station frontage looks really tired atm and and the view could be great if it would allow to look down the track.

      This could pay for itself by having some more shops inside once it starts being a pleasant environment.

    • It was about time. The station looks very tired with the hideous purple paint peeling off from the frontage. It is a lovely station and I like what they are planning to do to it.

      The size of the sign always baffled me too. What Blackheath lacks though is a community group that takes care of the environment. I believe there used to be a group called the Blackheath Society which was actively taking part in making the town centre a more pleasant place. However, they don’t seem to be doing much anymore. I remember when they had the little lights hanging across the streets and the plant baskets on railings etc.
      The little library inside the station waiting room is great though. Thumbs up to whoever manages it.

      • The Blackheath Society are involved in the station plans and I received an email from them today highlighting other issues they’re campaigning about. I’ll edit the post when I get a chance including those details.

        • That would be great. Thank you

    • I just looked at the planning application and the renovation seems to be limited to the platform canopies and the the walkway. I was hoping the exterior of the station would have seen an overhaul as well. Perhaps that will be the next phase?


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