Southeastern returning train services to 98% of normal levels

Southeastern will be returning services to 98 per cent of normal levels from 7th September as schools return and the expectation more people will use trains and return to work.

Service boosts will see six trains per hour return to the Sidcup line alongside the return of rounder services which loop around at Crayford.

Crayford station before the rounders loop around

Other enhancements for Metro routes include:

  • Charlton to London Bridge service frequency increases to 2 trains per hour (doesn’t this already exist?)
  • Dartford to Gravesend service frequency increases to 4 trains per hour
  • London Cannon Street services via Woolwich and Sidcup are reintroduced, running twice per hour
  • London Cannon Street services via Woolwich and Bexleyheath are reintroduced, running twice per hour
  • Semi fast trains between London Charing Cross and Gravesend are reintroduced, meaning that the frequency of trains at New Eltham, Sidcup, Bexley and Crayford increases to 6 trains per hour

The company has also revealed it will release information on how busy trains are based on weight measurement of passengers aboard trains. Those of you who remember service reductions during London Bridge rebuilding will note similar happened then.

30 year old Networkers

However back around 2015 I looked into it, the mainstay of Metro suburban routes – the Networker – lacked the technology in most trains. Only around 25 per cent had it.

I wonder if they ever expanded that? Given the trains have been on the verge of removal as endless franchise awards came and went, then probably not.


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4 thoughts on “Southeastern returning train services to 98% of normal levels

  • The Charlton bit should read “Charlton to London Bridge via Lewisham”. It already has 6tph via Greenwich.

    • They’re already running 2 tph via Lewisham

  • 2 tph via Greenwich re-instated. Will be 4 Southeastern and 2 Thameslink

  • The new trains for Southwestern are now being delivered which means their Class 707 trains will eventually move to Southeastern. They are walk through trains.


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