Traffic cameras not switched on in Greenwich borough

With lockdown easing and traffic returning it’s now possible for councils to use CCTV to once again fine drivers who drive in bus lanes or park outside schools on keep clear markings, and in a new move recently introduced fine those who park and block mandatory cycle lanes.

But not in Greenwich borough. Cameras are yet to be switched on six years after the authority first started talking about it and 15 years after being given powers to do so.

Courtesy TfL. RBG managed road with numerous cars parked daily

While this was happening, the authority were placing much effort into publicity and campaigns supporting Silvertown Tunnel. They were also spending large sums commissioning reports on healthier living while concrete measures to enable it were absent.

Former Transport Secretary Chris Grayling blocked the use of cameras for standard parking infringements though retained them for offences outside schools, bus lanes, yellow box junctions and illegal turns at junctions.

In 2019 the borough was just one of three in London not to use cameras to monitor and penalise driving offences.

Taken from Greenwich Council document in Feb 2019

A reply to a question from Conservative Cllr Matt Clare to Labour Cllr Jackie Smith at tonight’s council meeting reveals CCTV is still not operational despite the authority eventually gaining permission in May 2019, which helps to explain why cycle lane parking is still endemic across the borough.

Much of the initial burst of cycling seen during lockdown in the borough has already been snuffed out as traffic returns to normal levels in many places.

A few more weeks until cameras are switched on, then a couple more weeks until fines are issued could be enough to kill off growth entirely.

If years hadn’t been wasted on securing powers that 29 out of 32 London councils possess, CCTV would already be in action monitoring cars outside schools and now cycle lanes, and would help alleviate a £12 million parking income shortfall seen in recent years. That’s £12 million that would have improved streets borough-wide.




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7 thoughts on “Traffic cameras not switched on in Greenwich borough

  • You’d think that with the financial problems facing the council due to the pandemic they’d make using of traffic cameras and traffic wardens a priority as it’s a simple way to get revenue. You will also hopefully end up with less parking issues so people can cycle/walk more easily. Be interesting to see if they hit the problem areas first.

    • That might offend the Amazon delivery drivers or numerous ‘Highway Maintenance” vehicles trundling around the Borough. Cyclists don’t pay for petrol or road licences so they’ll be treated as an afterthought. Given the continued developments around the area, vehicles will always be given primacy over those annoying pedestrians or cyclists. Besides, nothing will be done until the profit sharing is worked out in full (see parking wardens for prior examples)

  • You have to ask yourself whyare they turned off. Greenwich Council should br made to answer this question. Keeping our roads safe is paramount.

    Also Local Authorities need to all the income they can get to maintain front line services for children, the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable people in the Borough.

  • Have you tried to contact RBG lately either all the staff have emigrated or are they asleep? Soon they will be complaining they are overworked and short of funds

  • Greenwich council has had the power for FIFTEEN years, but has still not managed to get the cameras working. If ever there was an example of sclerotic bureaucracy, this has to be it. @Graham, since when has Greenwich council been accountable for anything?

    • @anonymous201481 Greenwich Council have never been accountable for anything that’s the truth of it.

  • Change is needed to see anything Done In this Royal Borough.

    Traffic enforcement cameras and vehicles are a win win situation to generate much needed income to better our public realm.


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