Man convicted after driving wrong way through Blackwell Tunnel

A man who drove a stolen car the wrong way through the Blackwell Tunnel causing a head-on collision has been sentenced to four years in jail.

Johal Rathour, 18, of Grays, hit a van at 4:22am on 6 August 2021 resulting in £80,000 of damage to a van and the stolen Range Rover.


The Blackwall Tunnel was shut for over two hours during rush hour.

The suspect ran away from the scene of the crash but was arrested a short time later. After being released Rathour then failed to attend court. He was subsequently tracked down and arrested in January 2022.

Police Constable Adam Lamb, the investigating officer in the case, said: “Rathour was guilty of an incredibly dangerous piece of driving and it was a miracle that nobody was seriously injured.

“Watching the video of him driving the wrong way through the tunnel is very distressing as it seems inevitable that a fatal collision would happen.

“As well as the damage to the stolen vehicle and the van he collided with, Rathour also disrupted and delayed the journeys of thousands of people using Blackwell Tunnel on the day of the crash.

“I am glad that he has faced justice for his actions and will not be able to drive on the roads of London for many years.”

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2 thoughts on “Man convicted after driving wrong way through Blackwell Tunnel

  • PC says the guy won’t be able to drive in London for ‘many years’? I’m surprised he’d be allowed a licence to drive anywhere ever again! And 4 years means out in under 2 on licence less any time spent on remand! And he could easily have killed people, he’s a madman surely. Is that sufficient deterrent against car theft and wanton destruction and disrupting and endangering lives of innocents? I don’t believe so. If a 4 year sentence is all courts can give due to overcrowding it should ‘be’ 4 years, plus community service for charities etc ongoing for a long period. 2 guys breaking into my shop got the same sentence, though reduced to 3 years for admitting guilt (which they had to anyway they were on camera!)

  • @ Mr D Small I totally agree with you.


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