Deptford Landings development sees next block complete

A development of more than 1,100 homes in Deptford has seen the next stage all but complete.

A block at Deptford Landings lining Evelyn Street is all but finished and presents a pretty generous amount of space between the building and cycle lane.

New block on right

This development was formerly known at the Timberyard and will eventually see 1,132 homes.

Given most are car-free, the cycle lane is expected to see strong usage from future residents. Cycleway 4 now runs directly from the site to Greenwich to the east and Canada Water, Rotherhithe, Bermondsey and then onto central London in the west.

Much vacant land remains undeveloped

A total of six plots sit across the site, and the next stage is set to commence soon at plot 6.

That plot sits beside another tower proposal not part of Deptford Landings which was revealed last month.

Revised plan at Deptford Landings approved in 2023

Another tower is proposed within Deptford Landings and an increase in height was approved in 2023.

That took the tower height up to 35 floors from an initial 24 storeys.


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    One thought on “Deptford Landings development sees next block complete

    • I noticed this as the bus I was on passed by the site. It’s another block of non-descript flats, but does fill in the site a bit more.


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