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Deptford school conversion to 209 new homes approved

This has been on the cusp of being written for a week or two. Back in late September Lewisham Council approved contentious plans to demolish 16 flats and part of the former Tidemill school in Deptford.

An overview of the site

Family Mosaic and Sherrygreen Homes are behind plans to build 209 homes – a net increase of 195 given 16 flats will be demolished at 2-30 Reginald Road.

Flats are to be demolished as part of the scheme

Tidemill school left their former site in 2012. Much of the former Victorian school building is to be retained and converted. 51 homes out of 209 will be in the converted main school building and annex. A roof extension is to be added.

The new-build elements will be between 2 and 6 stories high.  The site is located between Reginald Road and Frankham Street.

The Crosswhatfields blog has been covering the story in great detail. These plans have raised opposition with numerous objections to issues such as removing 74 mature trees and the Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden.

Planning reference: DC/16/095039 

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