New weekly food and drink Deptford Bites market announced

Deptford is not allowing Woolwich to steal all the new market glory this week with news that EastMeDrinkMe are to launch a weekly food and drink market at the Market Yard site by Deptford station.

In contrast to Street Feast at Woolwich and Lewisham, this market is a daytime affair. It’ll be open from 10am to 3pm on Saturdays. Live music will also be on offer.

It’ll be at the Market Yard site which is directly beside the railway station and has had a patchy history.

It opened many months late and some of the units that have taken up space are struggling. The site is pretty quiet at certain times.

A pub recently opened from Hop Stuff Brewery which is hoping to inject some more punters into the local area.

The market operators promise:

The market will bring together the best produce and street food traders London has to offer, as well as a selection of craft stalls with a focus on South East London makers & designers. They’ll be also be live music every week

The food stalls comprise:

Celtic Bakers, Storytime Bakery, Marsh Farm Produce and The Fresh Fish Shop with street food from KraPow LDN’s Northern Thai cuisine and South Indian vegetarian food from Dosa Deli to name a few

The market launches on Saturday 7th April.

Click here to read more and apply to become a trader on site.

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4 thoughts on “New weekly food and drink Deptford Bites market announced

  • I was in Deptford only today and whilst the area outside the station is a clean and tidy space, I detected very little activity from the units. The demographic to keep them afloat once the weekend ‘hipster’ crowd has gone home just does not exist in any meaningful way. Still, I expect these weekly markets will do quite well given it’s ideal location beneath a station.

    • don’t agree have seen it full plenty of times.

  • I see my Deptford has yet again been misplayed . Back in the 1960s – 70s scrwed up and ethnical and socialy cleansed by mass demolition of our homes. Then from the 1970s on, it becomes a dumping ground for alsorts of rubbish . Now the arty rich are now moving in. Mind you these mugs are also being ripped off….. £500.000 for a flat.. sorry “Apartment” in Stones, Rolt Street. And what about the people I grew up with from 1949 onwards ,in our then Safe Deptford … moved on. Eather by force or most likely saw the Dumping Ground coming.

  • It’s all about money and social cleansing. Ignore the social housing to the point of dilapidation, but don’t build anymore, so that the sons and daughters have nowhere to go but out of the area. Sell off prime land to ‘big developers’ and persuade the hipster crowd who is always on the look out for the ‘up and coming’ that Deptford is it.


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