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Housing, Welling

Block of flats planned on car park behind Nag’s Head in Welling

Plans are in for a block of flats behind the Nag’s Head pub in Welling. It’s located to the rear of the pub though not the pub’s car park itself.

It appears the Bexley Council themselves are behind the plans, and possibly will utilise their BexleyCo developer off-shoot. This is the Bexley equivalent of Meridian Homes in Greenwich.

In total there are 25 residential units comprising 14 x 1 bed, 10 x 2 bed, 1 x 3 bed flats.

The current car park contains 76 spaces.

Hunters South are the architects behind the plan.

The reference is 17/03108/FULM

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  1. Siraj

    Good. I have a young daughter and they have it rotten affording housing now.

    Rather housing than a car park when there are about 3 others within a few yards.

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