New Welling United stadium and housing plans submitted

Proposals for an upgraded stadium at Park View Road in Welling have been submitted.

The home ground of Welling United and Erith & Belvedere would see upgrades alongside 104 homes.

Space below new homes would be used as a Welling United club bar, new turnstiles as well as other commercial space.

New homes and commercial space facing Park View Road. Image taken from planning application

I’m liking the club’s name proudly emblazoned along the new building seen in renders.

Red tiles would also adorn the lower level of the new block.

Proposed mixed-use building with homes, bar and commercial space

The ground would see a capacity of 4,000 spectators with 1,400 seats with new housing along Park View Road.

One downside is wayward shots flying into Park View Road with a cheer – as a ball boy sent to recover – would be a thing of the past. Let’s hope they’re some strong windows.

Housing behind goal

That reminds me when the Italian car dealership on the other side of Park View Road road – where balls would bounce – once sponsored the ground.

The name of the car dealership? San Siro, whose name thus adorned the main stand.

Who needs to go to Milan?


Welling United first moved to the ground in 1977. Erith and Belvedere then moved back in 1999. Their old ground is now Asda beside Belvedere station if I recall correctly. A new stand was built in 2004.

Much of the ground though dates from decades ago and the club state:” The football stadium grounds and facilities are in need of renovation. The current facilities are poor and outdated, there is a lack of facilities which hinders the usability of the stadium.”

Current ground in poor condition

As for these plans they seem decent enough. We see 104 homes which is welcome. That helps fund an improved ground and sport facilities for local youth. It brings Bexley Council money to boot.

Grass roots football is a source of enjoyment for many. Lets hope this brings a sustainable future.

The plans state a new pitch would increase playable time from 10 hours to 50+ hours (all weather) a week. Youth teams could expand to 1,000 people.

New homes fund wider improvements

A new stand would be built where the somewhat decrepit original seated stand resides.

Plans can be viewed here, and in other non-league football ground news, Ebbsfleet are also planning to build a new stadium.

That plan is more ambitious with an 8,000-capacity stadium and 3,500 homes.


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    8 thoughts on “New Welling United stadium and housing plans submitted

    • I like the proposal for Welling United new stadium and mix use development for commercial space and new homes.
      Ii think the new stadium and commercial space will also benefit the local economy in Welling .
      The commercial space could possibly be a restaurant or other food outlet which could be used by visitor’s to the stadium and the wider local community.

      • That’s all well and good but is there any chance you could turn the lights on in the E&B toilets when Welling are at home so we’re not all pissing on our shoes in the dark.

    • I think it looks great in principle, though the loss of circulation at the southern corner is unfortunate, and those seated in the west stand seem to have a very restricted view at the back which doesn’t seem very plausible

    • Residents are aware that the site freehold land is actually owned by the Mayor and Burgesses of the borough (please see land registry docs), it is only leased by Welling United Football Club so how can the leaseholders be allowed to submit planning without agreement of the owners, the burgesses, this being residents of the borough.

      There must be a referendum held on this proposed build.

      The Mayor should act in the best interests of existing residents in opposing the build as proposed and requiring it to be amended in line with designated ptal parking requirement for the Outer London Boroughs.

      This is because

      The build includes added shops and events venue when the existing football visitors already cause grid lock, poor and sometimes dangerous visitor parking, damage to parked vehicles and resident mediation to aggressive drivers on event days.

      The ongoing, escalating issues at Charlton Football grounds must also be considered as, whilst there is designated parking, there is a marshalling and police attendance, including police on horseback, requirement at events. This will, unacceptably, add more to beleagured and struggling residents council tax bills.

      There will be no ability to ensure or monitoring the new build residents to ensure they do not own or have use of a designated vehicle.

      Car share services at approx £30 min per day is financially onerous so an unlikely option in reality

      Local roads are already oversubscribed with staff, visitors, existing residents users for nearby Danson Park, local shops, nursery, school, Railway Stn, and because the council has advised other proposed local builds to use local road parking including tesco, Morrisons for resident and visitor overflow.

      There are also 8 bus routes using the route so potentially considerable delays to travellers. It is understood the matter must be refered to tfl to carry out a traffic analysis and issue a traffic management plan. Report to be carried out during grounds events.

      Failing the Mayor’s intervention on behalf of residents, there should be provision for a referendum to allow ‘the burgesses’ a vote option.

      As the football club actually serves three clubs, proposals should include the resiting of the grounds to a purpose built sports facility and and event venue with designated parking on reclaimed land further out in the borough, which would ease congestion and future proof the venue, with options to increase building as required.

    • Ah dear a NIMBY is out. Of course. Didn’t take long to rock up and complain about everything.

      Some utter nonsense there. Where to begin? Police horses? It’s Welling not the Premier League. Complaints about bills? This is a revenue raiser for a cash-strapped council! “There will be no ability to ensure or monitoring the new build residents to ensure they do not own or have use of a designated vehicle”– Heard of traffic wardens and parking zones? It’s painful to hear the NIMBY checklist dragged out every single time anything ever happens. Then it ends with the underlying NIMBY classic – do it elsewhere. Block everything near me. Keep it in aspic forever.

      NIMBYs are an absolute scourge on this country.

      • Oh dear, typical of someone who isnt affected by this. If you even took the trouble to read it, youd see we dont object to the build, just the lack of parking provision.

    • Mark Goldberg has a long history of leaving clubs stricken….you think he’ll take you fishing in the morning . He won’t.
      You are a mug to support this crazy plan. Wufc will ie on this


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