Police disperse 20 from Welling open space – but are they fighting a losing battle?

Police have given an insight into their daily activity today across Welling including stopping a shoplifter fighting with staff while also dispersing people in east Wickham open space.

Police stated on Facebook:

“PC Scott and PC Robinson have been busy today. We have attended an address in Maidstone to look for a Male who was wanted however he isn’t at home so we shall return.

We then patrolled Welling and took a call to East Wickham Open Space to reports of a large group in the park. Upon arriving we dispersed a group of 20+ people not socially distancing in the park!

Returning to the town centre we came across staff at Tesco fighting a Male who has committed a shoplifting. Looks can be deceiving as we found the basket of his walking aid was foil lined to prevent him being detected by security alarms. He has been arrested by PC Scott and the investigation is ongoing.”

With numerous scenes of similar gatherings including Hackney borough in recent days with police stating they are fighting a losing battle, how long will they bother?

Government have announced more people could return to work this week including estate agents from tomorrow (13th May). If employees lack a car they will have to board public transport or walk busy streets. You will have dozens of people located close together in one place, but another spot nearby is out of bounds.

Easing lockdown seems riddled with conflicts. There’s no easy answers.

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10 thoughts on “Police disperse 20 from Welling open space – but are they fighting a losing battle?

  • I think the Police are doing a brilliant job day in and day out.

    It is the public who are ignoring the social distancing rules. Sadly a lot of people think the rules do not apply to them but in fact they really do !!

    If the first picture is actually that of East Wickham open space yesterday then sadly the photos shows that the large group of women and childtren not observing the social distancing rules to be mainly from the BAME community.

    These are among the most vulnerable groups for complications from Covid-19 so really should be taking extra care to keep safe when out and about to protect themselves and their families.

  • Police don’t do anything about other small crimes ie; pavement cycling and electric scooters both of which can kill and injure as proved in the news, small crimes leads to bigger crimes.

    • Just seen an elderly couple cycling on the pavement. They’ll be crack dealers before the month is out.

  • Agreed James Carruthers

    Sadly these group of women in the first picture also have children with them and it is clearly not just one or two but a large group huddled together ignoring the social distancing rules.

  • People were beginning to ignore the strict lockdown rule. It is going to be harder than ever to police the new landscape.

    Those people who can’t work from home will ironically find that they can’t get to the workplace because the travel restrictions are still in place.

  • Wow so many people in the park, second pic. Do they have a death wish? Or do they simply believe they are immune? The more people try to catch the sun/tan the longer this misery will be prolonged.

  • Again have to agree with you Anon.

    That is partly the trouble some people do think they are immunued and the rules do not apply to them. So the longer the social distancing is ignored the longer the Covid-19 crisis will continue.

    I can see us getting tp a stage where we could end up being put back in lockdoiwn causing the economy even more damage. While putting extra pressure back on the NHS.

    Which I for one really hope we can avoid.

  • ** To a stage we could end up back in lockdown **

  • Totally agree CDT. Some people will never learn will they. We are all in this together and social distancing rules applies to us all !!


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