Another attempt to open micropub and brewery in Welling after refusal

A new application has been submitted to open a micropub and brewery in Welling.

The site at 56 Wrotham Road saw an application in 2020 refused by Bexley Council.

Reasons given were:

“The proposed change of use from a dry cleaners (Class A1) to a micro-brewery (Class
A4) is considered unacceptable in principle due to the resulting impact it would have on
the loss of Class A1 retail units within the shopping parade. As such, the proposal is
considered to be harmful to the provision of retail uses within a designated centre and
fails to comply with UDP Policies SHO5 and SHO6.”

“The proposed microbrewery, by virtue of its layout (in particular the location of the
smoking area) and close location to neighbouring properties, would have an
unacceptable impact on the existing amenities enjoyed by the occupiers of 69-77
Swanley Road due to unreasonable noise and disturbances, as well as 56A Wrotham
Road, due to unreasonable noise and disturbances and lack of safe access and egress.
The proposal does not accord with London Plan Policy 7.3, intend to publish London
Plan Policy D11. Core Strategy Policy CS01 and UDP Policy ENV39 and SHO9.”

Click here to view the new application.



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One thought on “Another attempt to open micropub and brewery in Welling after refusal

  • Not entirely sure how Bexley council see this as unacceptable yet the Lord kitchener over the road was 100 times bigger before it closed. The attack honest on drinkers and the pub/bar industry is worrying.


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