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Tesco seek to extend opening hours of Welling superstore

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Tesco have applied to Bexley Council to extend opening times at their Welling branch. Plans would see the store open at 6am instead of 8am.

Tesco see the opportunity to gain more early custom from shift workers or those on there way to work or taking the kids to school.

It marks a change from the company who went on a round of shortening store opening hours in recent years, particularly in the evening. Tesco in Woolwich ceased to be 24 hours, to give one example.

Plans were also submitted recently to demolish a shop unit beside Tesco and construct a new shop with flats above.

Whilst they’re at it, maybe Tesco could push to improve the building’s facade. The stuccoed facade has weathered poorly in just a decade.

The planning reference for Tesco’s plan is 18/01153/FULM. Click here to search.

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  1. CDT

    I think it is a very good idea for Tesco to open there Weling Store at 6 am rather than 8 am on Monday to Saturdays. I know a lot of people who like to shop early. It is also ideal for people coming off a night shift or on their way to work to start an early shift. It will also benefit local residents who need that pint of milk for their tea or a loaf of bread for their toast in the mornings,

    I also believe it will help our struggling High Streets. As many smaller shops open after we have gone to work and are closed by the time we arrive home from work, So I support longer opening hours for shops on our High Streets,

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