Lewisham shopping centre redevelopment: Next consultation imminent

Plans to redevelop Lewisham shopping centre are set to be revealed imminently as the second round of consultation begins.

The first round commenced in August 2020. Delays have meant updated plans were not revealed for some time.

The shopping centre dates from the 1970s and includes a tower formerly home to Citibank.

Tower above centre

A number of plans to convert the tower into housing have been made.

The centre includes a number of empty units at present.

Next closed for good

It underwent a limited redevelopment in the 2000s bringing natural light into the space, though lost a lot of character.

Two pieces of Berlin Wall visible

It was always a favourite as a child with a great play area.

In 2018 owners Landsec Chief Executive Robert Noel stated: ”We see excellent potential for a new town centre at Lewisham, with our ownership of Lewisham Shopping Centre, SE13 forming the core of a potential 8.3 acre mixed use destination”.

With a tower already on site, and numerous others nearby, there appears ample scope for high density housing around new retail space.

One side of the centre faces Lewisham High Street and market with entrances and some building placed around existing structures.

Improving access and permeability seems extremely likely, with streets and open space across the site.

Another area this could be seen is facing the main crossing from new builds in Lewisham and the station. The main crossing linking them and the town centre faces a brick wall where the shopping centre sits.

Lewisham shopping centre

Click here to view the consultation website and sign up to be notified when plans go live – which is expected this week.



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7 thoughts on “Lewisham shopping centre redevelopment: Next consultation imminent

  • Can’t wait to see what the plans are. Lewisham urgently needs a plan to reinvigorate the area as the shopping centre is tired now and I was shocked to see it so empty when I last visited there.

  • The trouble with Lewisham shopping and by extension, all shopping centres, is that the units were largely occupied by branches of big national chain stores. The vacant space, as in the case of the former Next shop in the Lewisham centre, is then taken by a retailer selling cheap goods who will then disappear once whatever rent discount is over. I don’t know what Lewisham needs because I am used to what remains.

  • the whole thing should be pulled down and start again. the town centre is unbelievably drab and depressing

  • It makes no sense knocking down the existing shopping centre. Where would the existing tenants and shoppers go during the lengthy rebuild? It is the ugly red brick and grey rear elevation that need attention.

  • I’ve not been there for years but Murky is right, it was a fantastic shopping centre for me as a child in the 1980’s. I used to love the hourly marionette/puppet show in particular.

  • I think what Lewisham needs is a few independent businesses such as bakeries or coffee shops that appeal to the creative types. Once these people arrive, the area will immediately become more interesting. Nobody wants to walk around a town centre dotted with chain stores and shops selling tat. The market is a great asset that needs to be treasured. I don’t have much hope for the new giant development in the middle of the town centre but I am assuming once the shops there open, some of the retailers move out of the shopping centre to give way to it’s demolition. I presume the developers want to build more housing and create an outdoor shopping area as the indoor shopping centres are becoming a thing of the past.


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