Lewisham shopping centre consultation begins on future changes

Changes to Lewisham Shopping Centre are to take a step forward as owner LandSec begins  consultation.

I covered plans in November 2018 which saw the company reveal plans for a new mixed-use development.

Chief Executive Robert Noel stated: ”We see excellent potential for a new town centre at Lewisham, with our ownership of Lewisham Shopping Centre, SE13 forming the core of a potential 8.3 acre mixed use destination”.

The site could see further high density housing to match two nearby projects now underway in the town centre.

Lewisham Exchange is now visible on the former Carpetright site with its concrete core over 20 floors in height (it will top out above 30) and Lewisham Central Phase 2 recently kicked off at the former site of a roundabout outside Lewisham station. That brings shops, homes and a cinema.

The consultation webpage is here



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17 thoughts on “Lewisham shopping centre consultation begins on future changes

  • I think these plans for Lewisham Shopping Centre wll be good for Lewisham Town Centre and Lewisham residents. The new homes are always very welcomed.

    I hope Lewisham Shopping Centre will get longer opening hours on Monday to Saturdays to 9 or 10 pm so people can shop in the evenings after work. and at the weekends.

    This will also help to boost the evening economy in and around Lewisham Town Centre for other sjops and businesses including pubs and restaurants. As will the new cinema when it opens.

    • Due to current anti vehicle measures and feelings by lewisham council more people will avoid lewisham and opt for a visit to bluewater or lakeside. Lewisham will end up like bexleyheath witj less shoppers.

      • Anti-vehicle measures. You can drive to the town centre and use the multi-storey car park above the shopping centre. There is also surface parking in Clarendon Road and free parking at Tesco’s. Of course, you can’t park nose to tail on the High Street, but you never could.

        As for the shopping centre, I think it suits the local demographic – all those shiny, new flats notwithstanding. Lewisham will never attract a Waitrose or any of the really high end retail outlets. Refurbish and leave it at that.

        • Oops, youve forgotten to add what lewisham councils plans are though for the motorists you claim can use these parking areas. Itll be extra charges for the most polluting cars and vans plus extra hikes on parking charges for all vehicles, seems you’re not as well informed.lewisham.dont want vehicles!

          • Claim, what are you talking about? There is plenty of parking close to the town centre – I forgot to mention that by Riverdale House and behind the British heart foundation shop on the high street. Driving is a privilege and not a right. If you don’t want to pay, leave the car at home and use public transport as I often do.

          • Seen what happened to Sydenham after they reduced parking and opened the savercentre? That’s coming to lewisham! Wait and see. Pure greed from the council.

        • The new apartment buildings bring up the area’s curb appeal. Many surrounding residents agree. You’ll only ever hear of the dissatisfaction of those who cant afford the new. Textbook jealousy. It’s the eye-sore of a shopping centre that needs demolishing and starting from scratch. I sense a sour tone about anything new in the area which I gather you cant afford. Accept that you’re living in one of the most developed cities in the world.

          Expansion and regeneration is inevitable and will happen. Starting again with the shopping centre will well-worth the money in the long-run compared to a refurb because the layout alone is depressing, poorly lit, unappealing (no shopfronts at-all on the north side), and wont entice new wealthier residents to shop (sustaining the already struggling high street). They’ll go the other way towards the city and Canary Wharf to shop, where there is a Waitrose and high-end retail.

          • The new high rise apartments are an eyesore that make the bottom of Loampit vale dark at most times of the day. I know, I live there and I have a business there.

          • No need to go all the way to Canary wharf for a Waitrose as there is one in Greenwich close to Cutty Sark, which is four stops along the DLR from Lewisham.

            I don’t know what sort of retail you want to see in the brand, new shopping centre but I can guarantee that (1) they will never come and (2) if so, they won’t last. Lewisham is relatively poor and the shopping facilities suits the demographic.

    • I see the Rising Sun pub in loampit vale has new management after a major refurb and is doing really well so you may have a point there.Its all im hearing lately when pubs are mentioned in lewisham. Its whats needed.

  • Knock it all down and start again. Lewisham is an ugly dirty mess

  • This will only come forward if LandSec are able to make significant sums out of the residential component, at present the retail / leisure offer won’t offer much in the way of returns, if a new / regenerated centre can’t work somewhere like Croydon, I doubt it could work in Lewisham.

    Also, LandSec are known for Central London delivery + affluent places, in other places they look at ways of improving the book value of their assets and longterm returns e.g. Bluewater.

  • I agree the plans set out for Lewisham are what Lewisham Town Centre needs and other Town Centres could benefit from.

  • It is not only Lewisham Council that want to reduce traffic, It is also Sadiq Khan Mayor Of London, Transport For London and the Government that all want to see traffic reduced in Greater London.

    With more walking,cycling and using of public transport to be encouraged. As anonymous201481 rightly points out there is a lot of car parking around Lewisham High Street. Lewisham High Street is also served by many bus routes.

    I have a car but often use the bus to go to work and for shopping.

    • Lewishams,mayor damien Egan is khans puppet hell do whatever hes told for a share of the kitty. Christ his tweets even mirror those of sadiq khan mostly. Public transport is unsafe thats already been established months, ago and with people wearing masks to get on a bus then taking them off when seated will only spread covid-19. The drivers do nothing for fear of retribution and the alternative tubes are now, its come out full of harmful tube dust and PM2.5 thats higher than roadside. Put that together with the fact TFL lost 46 staff 29 of whom were drivers id say your argument is lost on public transport. Theyre blocking roads through the streetsafe scheme lying to us saying its to get people moving safely when the reality is the roads they’re blocking are rat runs adjacent to the proposed new ULEZ EXTENSION. They cant afford to put cameras on every rat run to catch drivers evading the charge so force them This way out onto the arterial routes of the ULEZ. Theres no increase in pedestrians or cycles either but there are far more illegal E scooters whilst the police ignore them. Its a funny old world. I have arthritis i cant walk far or indeed cycle but i do use a motorcycle or car yet im being forced off the roads with high charges.Im an ex servicemen ive paid my dues i should be able to get about how I like not how some trumped up political party says! Im not alone either theres thousands like me in london.

      • What’s stopping you from using your motorcycle? They can get through the gaps and nobody has yet found a way of levying the congestion charge on motorbikes.

        The government now thinks that e-scooters are part of the solution to travelling around and began a trial in July – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48106617 Provided the user complies with the rules, e-scooters are now road legal.

        Generally, your observations are out of step with what I see. Mask wearing on public transport is largely compliant and there has been a rapid rise in cycling as people switched from cars and public transport to riding to work. I have seen a solid wall of cyclists at traffic lights on the roads.


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