Second large Charlton housing development submitted in a week

Plans have been submitted for 67 new homes in Charlton on a site directly next to a site for 202 homes I covered earlier this week.

This plan will see “demolition of existing building (Evelyn House) and construction of a part 4/part 6/part 7 storey building”. Beaumont Beds occupied the site though fell into administration in 2019 according to this site. They were dissolved in April 2020.

Overview of plot

The plot is next to Barrier Park and opposite Royal Greenwich Trust School. Optivo are behind these plans.

128 cycle places are provided yet there is no confirmation protected lanes will be provided on the A206  just to the south after an announcement of a cycleway two days ago.

Plots across Charlton (click to enlarge)

Site photos show issues with pavement parking:

Pavement parking beside site

Employment floorspace is proposed on the ground floor alongside active frontages on Westmoor and Eastmoor Streets.

All units will be “London affordable rent” which is “just less than 50%
market rent. It is 52% higher than the average 2017/18 council rent and 32% higher than the average 2018 housing association rents. Service charges are extra”

Click here to view plans.


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8 thoughts on “Second large Charlton housing development submitted in a week

  • I welcome these new homes at London affordable rents this area of charlton is in need of regeneration.

    Employment space on the ground floor will still allow with some businesses to operate in the area with active frontages on Westmoor and Eastmoor streets will be good for the area.

    Whilst also providing much needed construction jobs which the economy will need over the next few years.

    Overhaul I think this is a really good development poviding those much needed homes at London affordable rents.

    I hope this development gets the planning permission granted with construction starting sooner rather than later.

  • I agree this area of Charlton is in need of regeneration. The flats at London affordable rents are very much needed and will be welcomed by local residents.

    I too hope this development will get planning permission granted. So construction can start in the near future. Providing construction jobs for local people in these difficult times.

    • I would agree except all the flats built in this area have been of extremely poor quality, built to minimum standards with tiny rooms and no outdoor space for families. This are the ghettos of the future.

      • I must admit Katy I have never been in any of the new builds in the area. So unfortunately have not seen the room sizes or quality of the builds.

        My first reaction was with so many people on the housing waiting list which I believe is something like 20,000 in Greenwich any new homes for rent are very much welcomed.

        I do agree however, these homes should be built to the higest quality and safety standards just like any other new homes that are built should be.

        Also it will provide much needed construction jobs which are very much needed at the moment.

        With London now being so over populated sadly we are not going to see many developments with a lot of open of space for familes or homes built with large gardens which is sad as children need safe areas in which to play and get exercise

        One option is for more shelterd housing accomodation to built for elderly or disabled residents to down size from larger properies in to smaller one ot two bed room homes which are safer and more secure for them.

        The Alternative is to close the housing waiting list to people from outside of the Borough who were not born and bred in the Borough their whole lives. Given Greenwich residents priority on the housing list so they can remain living close to family friends and work.

        • Makes a lot of sense Kevin,

          I think we will need more new towns built in the very near future to create new homes similar to what was constructed after the war to deal with the housing crisis back then after so many homes were dstroyed and needed to be rebuilt.

          Many of the new towns were built in the Home Counties with some built in Hertfordshire and Essex.

          Also the very much loved bungalow style prefabricated homes were built also to provide homes for people as these could be constructed quickly and had small gardens which were ideal for families,

          More does need to be done to see how we can ease the housing crisis and ever growing housing waiitng list.

          Giving priority to people born and bred in the Borough does seem a very fair option as these people do have every right to stay in the Borough and be housed by the Local Authotity.

  • Its extremely disappointing to see yet another developer ignore the The Charlton Riverside master plan. They try to cloak their densely built unimaginative tower blocks under word affordable. How many are truly affordable ? How many Shared ownership ? how many people on the Councils waiting list will be able to afford one ? The word affordable in developers eyes is Not affordable in reality .

    • I am aware of this scheme, as I got notified of it when Optivo were doing their public consultation. They are a Housing Association and this is a fully rented scheme.

  • Even now new homes let by some Local Authorities and Houisng Association are operating schemes where before you can offered a home on the developement you have to pass an affordability test.

    When advertising the homes in Greenwich Councils free paper the advert stated “No houisng benefit” These particularly homes were on the new development recently built on Erwood Road in Charlton.

    Local Authorities are now moving towards market value rents so new homes and new tenancies are let at or nearer to market value rents.


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