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153 homes planned at 15-storey Lewisham development

Plans are in for a development on Silver Road in Lewisham to the west of the town’s shopping centre.

London Square are behind the plans. It’s a tricky site with the Ravensbourne River to one side and rail lines to the south and west. Architects PRP are behind the plans.

Proposals include upgrading the area beside the river and creating a riverside walk. Commercial space is at ground and first floor level facing the railway. 29% of housing is at the so-called “affordable” level.

There’s an Arrival Square which looks like it’ll be a car park and the main point of access.

Rooftop gardens are planned on the lower rise sections.

The planning reference is DC/17/102703

Last week I photographed some developments recently completed and those under construction in the town centre.


  1. James

    Lewisham really feels like it’s become the proper “centre” of South-East London, Hopefully more developments to come.

    • Comment by post author


      It can’t be long until the shopping centre owners embark on comprehensive redevelopment

      • True. I hope all this new housing actually means that Lewisham centre becomes more of a central place in SE London, as James notes above. My worry is that all the new residents will just shuffle between their apartments and the station…

        • anonymous201486

          Just so. This part of Lewisham could easily turn into a ‘dormitory’ as the sleepers take their spending power elsewhere.

  2. This one looks better than some of the recent / proposed blocks in Lewisham – hope it doesn’t get dumbed down in the detailed design phase (where the ‘affordable’ element often seems to be negotiated out as well, due to ‘unexpected costs’.)

  3. Nige

    This development will overlook many gardens and invade the privacy of people who live in the surrounding roads. We purchased our property knowing that the area they are planning to build on is sensitive and should therefore not be developed upon. Lewisham has been an ongoing developing building site for many years and many residents are now fed up of it. Lewisham has already reached their planned housing goal with the developments finished and those still being built by the station so we don’t need anymore!

  4. Valerie Weber

    Quite so, Nige. Add to that 180,000+ vehicle (ie. lorries carrying materials) driving past a school over a 2-year period, the risk of subsidence and flooding, all in an area designated to be transitional between the high rises of monster Lewisham and the normal homes of Ladywell, and the Council will be even more of a disgrace than it already is if it allows this.

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