2022 Thames Path closure in Greenwich: Plans submitted

Plans to close a stretch of the Thames Path near the Cutty Sark have been submitted.

This site covered consultation on plans in August 2021. Essential wall repairs mean a stretch from Cutty Sark Gardens to Horseferry Place will shut.

Work is expected to take 22 weeks and begin on 26th April 2022, which will close the 200 metre stretch.

Extract from application (Click to enlarge)

Pedestrians will be diverted – though the local area is not kind to disabled pedestrians and those pushing buggies:

Greenwich barriers hinder those in wheelchairs

Once again mobility impaired people must be obstructed on the off chance a motorbike comes along. Madness.

We see this again and again in other parts of the borough:

East Greenwich barrier installed in 2020

A map included with the application shows a path through the adjacent estate where barriers were installed:

Barriers in area circled in red

Now it’s been a couple of months since yours truly walked that way so there’s the off-chance Greenwich Housing Department (being an estate it’s probably them and not Highways) have realised it’s ridiculous and removed them – especially now its a designated diversion. If they have leave a comment.

River wall damage

The application states: “The proposal is part of the Thames Estuary Asset Management Programme 2100 (TEAM2100), the Environment Agency’s 10-year programme to refurbish and replace tidal defences in London and throughout the Thames Estuary.

The Deptford Walls project comprises refurbishment work to four assets that form part of the continuous flood defence frontage along the south bank of the River Thames, to the West of the Cutty Sark Gardens.

The scope of proposed works involves heritage-sensitive brickwork repairs to four masonry wall assets in the Deptford area of the Thames frontage; the installation of new timber fenders, grab chains, access steps to the foreshore and interpretation boards on the Thames Path.”

Temporary measures currently in place include the use of sand bags.

Other issues include “where a tree has grown within the wall, it has displaced a number of coping stones and a section of concrete revetment above.

The tree has been cut back and treated but it has left the old roots and a number of voids behind. Indications of new growth are also present.

To address this issue, it is proposed to remove all roots and new growth and reconstruct the revetment in this section.”

Information boards

The project does not only comprise repairs but also two new information boards are to be installed.

The Heritage Statement includes this section:

“Two interpretation boards are proposed to be installed on the landward side of the flood defence assets within the public footpath.

One board will be positioned at the eastern end near to Asset 14140 and one board will be positioned at the western end near to Asset

The boards are proposed to be A1 size and have a “lectern” design. The boards will be fixed in place using concrete.”

History of site

One relatively unknown historic fact was the existence of a steam ferry which formerly operated from the area:

Ferry slipway located on map

It closed in 1899 when the foot tunnel and Blackwall Tunnel were underway.

Here’s the slipway in relation to new-build blocks:




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9 thoughts on “2022 Thames Path closure in Greenwich: Plans submitted

  • How come you didn’t know about the steam ferry – there are remains of it and I have answered on line questions as does the IOD History who have (or had) a web page. There was a big campaign on that part of the riverside to keep part of it and advanced plans for some sort of display about the area. There was a sizeable report published. One hero divided down into the sea wall to photograph the remains. There has been a Historic England report, and archaeological report and I have done a couple of articles in the press within the last two year – anything else? There is also a small book published 8-9 years ago.

  • You can’t know about something where there is nothing to see. 🙄

    I don’t know if I can trust Greenwich council to deal with something that includes ‘… heritage-sensitive brickwork repairs.’ Let’s hope it has hired a specialist contractor.

  • Yeah the diversion through the estate is bothersome for some from mobility point of view, for others from the higher probability of being murdered point of view.

  • This work would need to be carried out by a Specialist Contractor who deals with heritage brickwork and sites.

    John is right getting around the Borough of Greenwich for people with mobility issues still remains a problem with cars parked on pavements, bollards and barriers in the way. Now we are seeing pavements made narrower around new developments making it really difficult for disabled people and parents with buggies to navigate safely

  • The river path is the gem of Woolwich Borough that exists despite greenwich council, not because of it. Let’s wait for timetables for works double then triple as they did for the path sections closed between greenwich and the o2, and the current fiasco at Woolwich ferry. While the council are usually not solely in charge, their role to hold companies and projects to account then deploy penalties for overruns, has never ever happened allowing path closures to stretch into years.

  • Totally agree with this – the 12 month closure at Woolwich ferry from November 19 has stretched to two years and there is no sign of it re-opening. Always the same excuses – unforeseen circumstances blah, blah, blah.

  • @Gwst: ‘… being murdered!’ What on earth are you talking about? I have walked through that estate lots of times and have not been killed yet. 🙄

  • @anonymous sorry for perhaps insensitive comment. I was referring to the murder that happened a few weeks ago. If you walk by today there are still commemorative memorabilia.
    During daylight it’s not a problem, you get used to people hanging out smoking pot. But at night alot of people don’t feel safe there. I also remember this person being brought into the the gym at wood wharf (when it was still a gym) after being stabbed. If you count up all the events in the last few years, our area is not safe.

    I just got back from staying in asia for 3 years. The amount of violence in greenwich you don’t see in whole cities over there. Also I remember 3 years ago, Elizabeth line was about to be opened, there was talk of eliminating the towncenter roundabout, and convoys wharf would soon start. Ah well..

  • “I just got back from staying in asia for 3 years. The amount of violence in greenwich you don’t see in whole cities over there.”

    = Which country in Asia exactly?


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