Housing plan at Boots’ site in east Greenwich

Plans have been submitted for modest changes to a somewhat ugly building occupied by Boots in east Greenwich.

The current building is a utilitarian post-war building of little merit, with taller structures either side. The plan would convert first floor space into flats and built above. While modest in size it will provide new housing and follows a pattern of converting upper floors along Trafalgar Road into new homes.

The owners could probably have gone taller in plans, given in October 2020 a proposal was submitted to raise the height of the adjacent co-op with new flats on site. I covered those plans here.

Converting unused upper floors offers new homes at various sites and is something seen often in areas such as Bexleyheath Broadway. In some cases it is using new permitted rights while others follow the traditional planning route.

More flats do mean more people living and shopping locally, so a win for local retailers.

This latest plan also appears to have invented two new stations, with Westcombe Park Hill station in one direction and Maize Hill the other.

Click here to view the details.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

2 thoughts on “Housing plan at Boots’ site in east Greenwich

  • Saying ‘Could have gone taller’ surely encourages it Murky. There are problems with ‘creeping’ taller buildings either side of an already highly traffic polluted through route. It discourages the pollutants’ efficient dispersal via wind. Removes sunlight from shopping areas, essential for Vit D3 (more so now!!). Removing the traffic would be the best option to encourage locals to shop along here and thereby improving the street environment!. Trees, benches, street stalls etc etc. Instead we are a through route for commuter road traffic. Buying fresh fruit/veg from greengrocers next to pollutant emissions. Many here (including me) sensibly avoid walking the main road for its pollution problems, taking alternative side residential roads to travel anywhere either by bike or on foot. And these pollutants were evident well before recent LTN’s etc., which (temporarily) have exacerbated them when combined with pandemic issues. And does a couple of what are bound to be expensive rentals solve the housing crisis? Or just put even more pressure on local social facilities such as GP surgeries, nurseries, clinics, which fall behind local pop increases. And is the space above not used already for what it was designed for in the 60’s? Staff breaks/facilities for food and rest, storage of non perishable stock to avoid frequent lorry deliveries and encourage a wider stock range (current Boots is poor in that respect already). I worked as a ‘Saturday lad’ at Timothy Whites which became Boots owned, when at school around 1970 in a similar building in Eltham High Street. First floor was used for stock and our welcome morning/lunch/afternoon breaks, and you need them indoors in winter! Tis easy to say just ‘provide more housing units’, but beware of what doing so in isolation in some places can cause negatives too. The motives behind such small developments in our area are rarely in a social awareness mindset, but a profit seeking one.

  • I think providing new homes on the site of boots is a win win situation as Murky said.
    A lot of people actually like living in the midst of a busy location with shops restaurants and pubs close by including young professional people and students.

    Shops will benefit with more people shopping locally.

    I do agree with Derek with regard to traffic congestion, pollution and lack of amenities like GP Surgeries Health Centres, Hospitals, Schools, Public Transport improvements etc in the Borough as the local population continues to grow year on year as new developments are completed.


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