Deptford green space plans approved on Thames Tideway site

Plans to restore a green public space at a Thames Tideway tunnel worksite in Deptford have been approved.

For some years the site near St Paul’s Church has been closed while work is undertaken on a new tunnel from Greenwich pumping station to the main tunnel along the Thames.

Diverting sewer to new tunnel

Once complete, the area will again open to the public and include trees, wild flowers, sculptural elements and new paths across the site.

Much work on the tunnel is now complete with current tasks including applying spray to the tunnel walls while diverting a 140 year old tunnel into the new structure.

Details of how the site in Deptford will appear can be seen here and within the planning application here.

Ventilation columns with uplighting

Documents within state:

“The design has been based on the masterplan, developed by The Landscape Partnership (TLP). TLP were commissioned by the London Borough of Lewisham (LBL) to prepare a masterplan for the Crossfield Open Space and Coffey and Crossfield Streets between Deptford Church Street and Deptford High Street.”

Permanent structure on left

As part of the work, “a cluster of four signature columns is proposed in a vortex shape set within a circular area of hard landscaped natural stone paving to create a structural grouping for appreciation and engagement with the columns.”

Each ventilation shaft is to see a poem:

Four poems

Extensive landscaping is to be undertaken, with playable elements for children.

The tunnel will complete in 2025. A video has just been uploaded showing progress up to December 2022.

A worksite in Greenwich along Norman Road will also be partly vacated, which will fully reopen the access to the Ha’Penny bridge over Deptford Creek.


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    One thought on “Deptford green space plans approved on Thames Tideway site

    • Truly dreadful. This was informal open space where lads could kick a ball about without bothering anyone. Turning in into a suburban park is a waste.


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