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Deptford Creek housing blocks almost complete

Some of the new blocks along Deptford Creek are now on the cusp of seeing their first residents moving in.

This is the Faircharm block build on former industrial land which became artist studios. The photo was taken from the Ha’penny hatch pedestrian bridge over the Creek.

The biggest boy on the block is the tower immediately next to Creek Road:

It’s pretty lumpen. It always appeared to lack elegance in renders. Possibly some decent cladding could help. Green glazed tiles are planned.

Another block is Kent Wharf from Galliard Homes with randomised brickwork now on show:

An overview of the entire block from Norman Road in Greenwich:

Near this spot in the foreground is a proposal for a new development at Saxon Wharf, previously covered here. Notting Hill Housing are proposing 142 homes:

View of Saxon Wharf from Tarves Way

Work on Hope Wharf in Greenwich is also now underway.

The rear of the development, facing the Creek, will appear like this:

Thankfully it’s not another flat-roofed box.

One thing I again spotted is the promised Creekside path on the Greenwich side by recently completed Caledonian Wharf was once again closed and gated. I’ve never seen it publicly accessible as intended.

More photos will be uploaded on to the site’s Flickr page which can be seen by clicking here.


  1. Chris

    Thankfully? Those roofs are horrible

  2. Chris

    Thankfully? Those roofs are horrible…

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