Crossrail signage now being installed across London

Transport for London have begun unveiling Crossrail signage across London as their PR drive ramps up.

Even with a dicky “s” key on my keyboard I still much prefer typing Crossrail to Elizabeth Line.

One sign they could improve is the route map at Abbey Wood station, which still do not show the circular trains running to-and-from Abbey Wood station from the Sidcup Line.

Given they want people to travel on that line to interchange with Crossrail the incorrect map is odd. It’s been there for three month now.

You can see more photos on TfL’s Flickr page here.

Services between Abbey Wood and Paddington via Canary Wharf should begin in ten and a half month’s time.


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11 thoughts on “Crossrail signage now being installed across London

  • Agree about Abbey Wood. In fact the circular trains are shown on departure boards there as going to Crayford only. I have a friend in Abbey Wood who regularly visits Sidcup by bus because he had no idea (until I told him) that the trains to Crayford continue their journey on the Sidcup line, and he is ignorant of railway geography. Whilst I can understand that showing the circular services running to Cannon Street might be confusing to some, there are ways of doing it (eg Cannon Street via Crayford/Sidcup line).

    • Is there a ticketing problem?

      Is an Abbey Wood -> London Terminals ticket valid via Sidcup or Bexleyheath?

      • No. There’s an easement which prohibits travel to London via any two of Slade Green, Barnehurst or Crayford, so you can’t go to London “backwards”.

        From :
        “000044 – Circuitous Route – Journeys from or via London and via Crayford and Slade Green, Slade Green and Barnehurst or Barnehurst and Crayford are not valid. This applies in both directions.”

        In reality this is very unlikely to be enforced, especially given that the Oyster system only cares about touch-in and touch-out and more or less ignores the NR easements.

    • At Bexley Council’s Transport Users’ meeting this evening it was said that the loop line trains will not be in the new timetable – they didn’t say which one – but that may explain the line diagrams at Abbey Wood.

      • Hmm will have to check that. They were there in drafts I believe. Still just 2. That changes to 4 (2 from each of the other Dartford lines) in 2022

      • Just checked and in the consultation four trains an hour looping arounf begins in May. Two from each line.

        • The May 2018 consultation draft has the following trains per hour going east from Abbey Wood in the off-peak:

          2 to Rainham (TL)
          2 to Dartford (SE)
          2 looping via Crayford (SE)
          2 looping via Barnehurst (SE)

          In terms of frequency this is the same as the current service, except that there is currently a Gillingham service in place of the Rainham one.

  • Elizabeth Line sounds 100 times better!

  • I think Crossrail is a much better name than the Elizabeth Line. What has Elizabeth ever done to deserve having a railway named after her? Now we’re going to have to think of the bloody monarchy every time we use the line. Don’t us republicans deserve some relief from the incessant kowtowing?

  • Why is it the only line to have the word line in the roundel?

    • Other lines don’t have roundels at all. For the underground lines they just use the red roundel with Underground through the middle.


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