Greenwich Business Awards – worthy winners but curious sponsors

Greenwich Council last week held their inaugural business awards at the o2 Inter-Continental Hotel in Greenwich.

Many good local businesses and charities received awards. They can be seen here.

The list of sponsors was curious. Greenwich Council are often accused of having a tin-ear when it comes to how they present themselves.

That seems the case here.

Many Labour councillors were at the bash on Friday afternoon.

The headline sponsor was developer Lovell Homes. They are currently rebuilding estates in Woolwich in partnership with Greenwich Council as part of the “One Woolwich” scheme.

The scheme sees a reduction in social housing. Connaught estate is currently being rebuilt.

When that was previously pointed out to Greenwich’s Deputy Leader and head of regeneration he confused social and “affordable” housing. There’s a massive difference in affordability for poorer people between the two.

Another sponsor was McDonalds. Now, I’m partial to a sausage McMuffin myself, yet when the council is drawing up reports on banning fast food restaurants near schools and the damage of fast food, it’s an odd choice.

Personally I don’t see banning things as the way forward. As said many times, cracking down on parents driving to schools and sometimes awful parking alongside improving walking routes and awful public realm would be a better choice in improving health than bans which will probably be ineffective.

Another sponsor was Ikea. Given the massive concerns over pollution and congestion in the area it is to be built, then again it seems a weird choice.

Many people are looking forward to the store. No doubt about that. But once again, awful public realm in the area and lack of contingency for many more cars has not been addressed.

Another sponsor was London City Airport.

Again, an odd choice given pollution concerns and plans to substantially increase flights which will affect Thamesmead in particular. Sadiq Khan, who was so vocal against Heathrow expansion, backed it on day one in the job.

At the awards, Thamesmead Councillor Sizwe James announced next years headline sponsor is housing developer U&I.

They’ve owned the Morden Wharf site in Greenwich for over four years (with very little progress towards building much-needed homes) as well as a site in Charlton.

The council will be in a very tough spot if those sites come forward with little social housing. But given the blindspots of Greenwich’s Labour council, will it bother them?

Once again, I don’t want this to be a slight against some great winners, but the awards being connected with so many companies that would seem to contradict what Greenwich Council argue for and Labour values is all a bit bizarre.

And a raffle, raising a meagre £1200, doesn’t erase that. That amount almost seems an insult when they are sitting on many millions on pounds.

Still, at least the taxpayer wasn’t paying for this bash like they have done with the annual Mayoral ceremony.

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2 thoughts on “Greenwich Business Awards – worthy winners but curious sponsors

  • It may not have been paid for by taxpayers but councillors still got a fancy free meal and drinks it seems.

    So does that mean they have a conflict of interest and cannot vote on future planning applications from Lovell and U&I?

  • You would think so, but doubtless Greenwich Council will be able to weasel out of this apparent conflict.


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