Greenwich & Woolwich MP Matt Pennycook steps down as Shadow Brexit Secretary

Greenwich & Woolwich MP Matt Pennycook steps down as Shadow Brexit Secretary

The MP for Greenwich and Woolwich Matt Pennycook has today announced that he’s standing down as Shadow Brexit Secretary in Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet.

In a resignation letter the MP states a second child due within weeks as the reason to move to the backbenches.

Pennycook was recently chosen to stand again as Labour candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich.


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4 thoughts on “Greenwich & Woolwich MP Matt Pennycook steps down as Shadow Brexit Secretary

  1. Can’t blame him forwanting out. The absolute state of Parliament tonight from the two main parties (and Lib Dems to be honest).

    If we didn’t have rotten old first past the post all those zombie parties would be barely getting 5%. Only a tiny minority of people have any affection for them. God knows where that leaves this country.

    1. It wasn’t to do with that though… He said he had child on the way, and your assumption is that he has lied about his reasons. Is it any wonder the country is in turmoil when people can’t read or trust anyone?

  2. If we had a better voting system here in the UK at the last the last two general elections called by David Cameron and Theresa May. UKIP would have several MP’s currently sitting in Westminster has they polled thousands of more votes then the SNP but have no MP’s sitting in Parliament where the SNP have quite a few MP’s in Parliament How is this fair ?

    I wish Matthew Pennycook and his wife and family all the best with their new baby when he or she arrives..

    Although I will not be voting for him at the next General Election. As strongly feel we need to deliver on the referendum result of 23rd June 2016 to leave the EU, We should have been out in March of this year. If we wish to remain a democratic country. Regardless of whether we voted to leave ot remain the result was the result and we need to get on with it so we can get back to running the UK again as soon as possible and deal with thing domestic issues like the rise in violent crime, housing crisis and the NHS.

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