QE Woolwich hospital wait times grow as targets missed

The number of patients seen with the target time of four hours at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich continues to decline according to new figures.

In the latest quarter 83.5% were seen within the target time time – down from 87% the previous quarter and below targets of 95% nationally and 87.5% locally.

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The Urgent Care Centre also saw a substantial increase in users. March
2019 saw 9529 patients compared to March 2018 which had 8828.


A number of factors are behind the apparent failure to meet targets. NHS budget pressures are one. Increased demands on GPs and long wait times for appointments are another factor behind more presenting to A&E.

NHS walk-in centres have also closed en-mass across the country.

Corridors fenced off as treatment areas

The local population is rising sharply too – as demonstrated by numerous new developments covered on this site. Greenwich borough is in the top five in London for new homes and top 10 across the UK out of over 350 authorities.

The former Greenwich Hospital site was sold with 700 homes either built or under construction on site. With homes on the Greenwich Peninsula masterplan area last week revised up once more by developer Knight Dragon to 17,000 (bringing the wider Peninsula area to at least 22,000 new homes) and Charlton Riverside seeing at least 7,500 homes (further details on 1,350 revealed last week) more are asking the wisdom of closing Greenwich hospital – and whether Woolwich can cope.

However, some signs of improvement were seen in March in Woolwich QE with the report stating: “The overall breach performance has seen significant improvement at 98.1% for March in comparison to 95.4% for February. Paediatric streaming within the 15 minute target was 83.6%. Adult streaming within the 20 minute target was 87.2%.”



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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    3 thoughts on “QE Woolwich hospital wait times grow as targets missed

    • Woolwich hospital is just not well located for many people – by design. As a former Military hospital it was detached from the local community amongst a common. When the decision was made to close a very well located hospital in Greenwich (bus, trains etc) it cost a large amount to alter buses to serve QE.

      Serving the hospital slows down many bus routes (ironically making buses less attractive and so more probably drive causing health issues) and even then, for many its two buses at least.

      Closing Sidcup A&E hasn’t helped.

      And maybe worst of all its stuck with an awful PFI contract for 30+ years.

    • I agree with you Jo. However, the mass construction of new homes in the Borough of Greenwich has put a lot of pressure on local public services and the public transport infrastructure. Also the long waits for GP appointments often two weeks of more even for an urgent appointment is putting strain on both the Urgent Care Centre and A&E at Queen Elizabeth Hospital,

      Frank Dobson MP who was appointed the Labour Government’s MInister for Health after the 1997 General Election signed off the closure of Greenwich & District Hospital shortly after the election.So sadly Greenwich and District Hospital closed in 2001 with services transferring to Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Woolwich Common.

      I do believe Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup should have a 24 hour 365 days a year A&E Department supporting it’s Urgent Care Unit.

      I understanding was they were going to open a 24 hour walk in Urgent Care Unit at the Eltham Community Hospital in Eltham.. But i believe this is not the case?

    • This happened in the Woolwich QE:

      £700k of tax payer funds used by NHS bosses to Crush a Junior Doctor as well as attempting to rob 54,000 Doctors of whistleblowing protection, just to prevent one doctor getting his case heard about serious patient safety issues.

      A Solicitor firm who WROTE and then FAILED TO DISCLOSE a contract for 4 years causing 700k of public funds to be needlessly wasted in 3 separate court hearings, including the Court of Appeal! Again to prevent this Doctor’s case being heard.

      If it were not for Dr Day, NHS bosses would have argued 54,000 Junior Doctors out of whistleblowing protection but instead the Court of Appeal ruled in the doctor’s favour.

      If you think the above is wrong, if you want to take a stand against wrong doing in public life. Please take a look at Dr Day’s crowd funding campaign and consider sharing and donating! We need the NHS to be safe for all of us now and in the future.


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