New Greenwich pub Enderby House finally ready to open on 13th April

After a tumultuous gestation which has seen a number of setbacks, a new Greenwich pub looks finally ready to open on 13th April.

With outside drinking and eating the only way pubs can open back up, Enderby House is lucky to have an outside seating area overlooking the Thames.

During construction of new addition

It’s a Young’s pub, which isn’t the most exciting as they seem to own half the pubs in Greenwich. Still, it’s a lovely spot for a drink and food and a welcome addition.

Enderby House is a Grade II listed building that was in a sorry state. This image was taken from the Thames path around five-six years ago. Residents fought hard to keep the building:

The building before renovation. Around 2015

Construction and refurbishment encountered trouble including dry rot, and then covid hit.

Young’s also operate the Cutty Sark pub not too far along the Thames path, alongside the Richard I (former Tolly), the Old Brewery (former Meantime pub and brewery) and the Coach and Horses in the market. This is their fifth pub in the town.

Morden Wharf slightly north

They’ll have no shortage of custom. The final block of River Gardens is approaching completion nearby bringing hundreds more residents, and then the giant Morden Wharf and phase 2 of Enderby Wharf are planned, with over 1,750+ homes.

Pub building at bottom right

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2 thoughts on “New Greenwich pub Enderby House finally ready to open on 13th April

  • Murky when River Gardens was in differing periods of construction and halted construction which felt like (and I’m sure extended to) many years, the Thames Path was crazily (and I’m sure illegally) closed in sections for long periods. This was beyond a joke. Has there been any consultation on attempting to keep the path ‘completely open’ this time during the Enderby and Morden Wharf forthcoming massive building works? And also what will happen to the simply gorgeous and unexpected section (a hidden gem as they say) where currently a small ‘yellow sand’ beach section in a little cove lies overhung with mature willow trees? (as you have said before here, go and see it before it goes!) I took pics in the summer a year or two back which could easily be mistaken for a Caribbean hideaway, and were so by friends who i showed. Will they replace with concrete and a plastic fake tree, or perhaps a sapling which is never looked after and prone to breakage in the strong winds along here, and inevitable child play on the branches (as the ones facing the concierge at River Gardens, now replaced by a traffic cone which has been in place of one of the broken ‘baby’ trees for a couple of years now!. What have developers promised if anything? And what guarantees are there that the final plans will include the very minimum extent of greenery and outdoor play area for the locals and thousands of new arrivals (let alone tourists when they return in numbers) both horizontal greenery at ground level and vertical as apparent up the face of the buildings? And how about roof top gardens? Or even a roof top pool, or is that too much to expect of Greenwich developers, not exactly renowned for their imaginative styling. Inevitably the area set aside for path-side/riverside walking/cycling/scooter-ing/dog walking etc will not be wide enough when it comes. The last period of good weather already led to number restrictions as the strip here was overwhelmed. And now another few thousand to add. The picture they show doesn’t even show a separate cycle path, and depicts a mere handful of passers by. Completely unrealistic, but gets them the job as it looks ‘pretty’ to the councillors, who will likely never even visit until finished when there’s a photo opportunity, all standing by their emissions free cycles! (if plain rectangular/oblong high rises can ever be called pretty that is). Hey Ho.

  • Are you a dog friendly pub?


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