Greenwich cruise terminal plan formally scrapped as new owners takeover

The new owners of Enderby Wharf in Greenwich have confirmed they will not be building a cruise liner terminal.

Last November former site owners Morgan Stanley confirmed they would not proceed with the plan first drawn up by former Greenwich Council leader Chris Roberts. the scheme drew much criticism for not including on-shore power supply thus ships would keep engines running throughout their time on the river pumping out high levels of pollution.

Enderby Wharf homes and pub

The site has now been purchased by Criterion Capital who state:

“We are mindful of the site’s complex planning history and, despite the previous planning consent for the site including a cruise liner terminal – which has in part been implemented by the previous owners – we believe the plans can be vastly improved. As a result we are pleased to announce that we will be scrapping the cruise terminal plans.”

“Chief Executive of Criterion Capital Asif Aziz, said:

Although the cruise terminal was a profitable proposition, I agree with the local residents who have complained that it would cause significant environmental damage. Instead, in conjunction with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and through an open and constructive conversation with local residents and community groups, we shall deliver innovative low-cost housing for rental. This will be designed for those who either can’t or don’t want to buy, and will be served by excellent public transport links including the Thames Clipper.”

Much of Enderby Wharf has been built out with a pub due to open soon.

Phase Two saw a cruise terminal plus a tower. Revised plans will now be drawn up. The new owners referencing Thames Clippers is interesting. Though a lovely way to travel and the river is underutilised, can it be mass-market proposition long term? Numerous new piers are planned at places such as Royal Wharf, and a plan has been submitted for another on the west of the Peninsula which I covered here.

These will inevitably slow down what is already a leisurely journey and bring much extra demand. Hopefully demand can be met and the Thames plays a key role in assisting with a rising population in London.

Pollution concerns remain

Despite abandoning the scheme many local people are still concerned with weekly arrivals of large cruise ships and ensuing pollution.

Cruise liner berthed near New Capital Quay in May

There’s even debate over how much money tourists bring into the area – with many whisked off in a fleet of coaches to central London this afternoon. The coaches also add to congestion and pollution in the area.



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    10 thoughts on “Greenwich cruise terminal plan formally scrapped as new owners takeover

    • Why couldn’t they build a plugin cruise terminal, thus restricting the level of polution when boats are in port?

    • Absolutely Graham. A plug cruise terminal would have been ideal to reduce pollution why the cruise liners were docked at the cruise terminal.

      I think Greenwich Councillors have lost Greenwich of a great opportunity to encourage tourist to the Borough’s hotels and attractions and venues including the Greenwich Theatre,The proposed new west end style theatre, 02 Arena and the new Magazine music venue Along with some of our world famous heritage sites.

      While also creating much needed local jobs and supporting local businesses and the local economy around the Borough

    • It’s a myth that cruise ships benefit the local economy. If the passengers – all 900 of them – stayed in local hotels and ate in local restaurants the local economy would benefit greatly. The fact is that on board food is served at no additional cost. Any passenger venturing off the ship climbs aboard a coach to visit other attractions.

    • My point was that the current Greenwich Council Administration do not promote Greenwich enough as a world heritage Borough enough if they want to attract tourist to the area not only from the now defunct cruise liner terminal but also from around the UK.

      They do the odd little festival in the summer and that is about it.They even wanted to change the name of the Royal Naval College to another name. What an insult to the Boroughs rich history and heritage is that !

      • The thinking is indeed bizarre. You can see them desperately trying to manufacture a cosmopolitan experience (hence Subway and McDonald’s hidden in Diagon Alley) and the focus on world foods at the market.

        Yet aside from the odd wedding at the Painted Hall or the Tall Ships festival I rarely see anything locally or even nationally to promote the rich history of the area. Deptford may be lost (and a shame too as that has some fabulous stories to tell) but Greenwich should be a full heritage site. Hell, make it a pure pedestrian area – cobbled streets, town cryers and tour guides in costume for tourists to take pictures with.

        In reality we have this. We have a Councillor who goes to Southampton and says ‘I couldn’t see any signs of pollution’, as a prelude to approving the foolish terminal plans

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    • Who owns the big parcel of land to the immediate north of Enderby Wharf.

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