Street party in Greenwich sees dispersal notice issued

A large gathering of people near the Cutty Sark in Greenwich has seen police issue a dispersal order this evening.

Over 100 people gathered from late afternoon and have moved east towards the petrol station on Trafalgar Road. Some others are around Waitrose and Creek Road.

The dispersal order covers the entirety of SE10.




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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

17 thoughts on “Street party in Greenwich sees dispersal notice issued

  • As usual can’t solve a single burglary but love throwing their weight around when they get the chance on a soft target

    • What rubbish if you knew someone ill from corona virus or had even died of it perhaps you would desist from such callous comments. Well done to the SNT police for all the good work they do in our area.

  • Eh? They’ll do little as so few police about. Wanna see weight being thrown about – go to France, Spain, Italy, Germany and just about every other nation. Brit police very soft in comparison.

  • Another group of selfish, peabrained potential murderers of the elderly, the vulnerable and the infirm. Probably don’t have a brain cell between the lot of them? Money over lives! Hope they are the ones catching the virus?

  • When you have a government that repeatedly issues conflicting and absurd information about how to behave, stupid people will interpret it as having no validity and so will selfishly do what they feel like, and sod everyone else. And they’ll continue because the police are ineffective. A vaccine can’t come too quickly, can it.

    • What is conflicting or absurd about the basic message: wear a mask; observe physical distancing; and maintain hand hygiene? If everybody observed these simple rules, there would be no need for lockdowns. This is no time for selfish individulisam.

      • Yes I agree but the vaccine will need to be tested for any adverse side effects.

      • There’s nothing conflicting or absurd about those three elements of the basic message, but they’re not the only elements that the government have advised on. They’ve also said, for example, that in tier 3 a hairdresser can visit a private house because it’d be seen as their place of work, but at the same time a friend cannot. But what if the hairdresser is also a friend? As such, they’d be both permitted and disallowed to visit. Perhaps the only way of getting round it is if all conversation was restricted to matters of hair. Sounds pretty conflicting and absurd to me.

        • @Tim Scott: hairdressers and barbers wear masks and even gowns. Customers are also required to wear a mask into the premiss and to clean their hands with the santiser provided. Requiring them to close in the first place is what is absurd.

          • I’m glad you now agree that the government has indeed made rules that create absurd situations. That’s what I wrote initially.

  • Bloody fools…yet, they’ll be the same lot crying, and carrying on, when their Nan dies!
    As far as a vaccination is concerned, these are likely the same fools who will shun it, claiming some sort of hair-brained government conspiracy!

  • I saw this on the way back from a bike ride and couldn’t understand the arrogance of these people. There must of been a thousand idiots all dressed up for a night out with complete disregard for the rules.

  • If these people were honest they would officially renounce to NHS treatment if they become infected so as to free beds for the people they may have infected as asymptomatic carriers.

    • They should carry a waiver giving up the right to treatment because they voluntarily ran the risk of contracting covid-19.

      • Every time you put you nose out of your house you voluntarily run that risk.

        • Some risks can be avoided if you take sensible precautions. Stepping into traffic without looking is asking for trouble.

          • All risks can be avoided if you take sensible precautions. But who is to judge where the limit of sensibility lies? What’s happening now in this country doesn’t look like a sensible response

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