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Three children found living in Thamesmead garages

Police in Thamesmead discovered three children sleeping in garages on the Moorings ward in Thamesmead.

The incident does show the ever more desperate conditions some are living in as homeslessness spikes. Just this week I covered how Greenwich’s cabinet are set to approve plans to spend millions on buying homes out in Kent.

Bexley Council have approved very few developments with social housing in recent years – and often even without so-called “affordable” homes.

Police stated the children were found in Moorings yet then said Bexley Council have taken charge. The Moorings estate is in Greenwich – as is the entirety of the wider council ward.

The Met Police’s page for the Moorings also has a map which shows it entirely in Greenwich.

The Met have been asked for comment.

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  1. Paul SuperUnknown

    They should be grateful Bexley took them rather than Greenwich! Greenwich would’ve given them a tent, and 3 bottles of water!

  2. CDT

    Oh my god how awful for these poor children who are of course very vulnerable. Were they any signs of the parents?? I hope they have been taking in to care for their safety. We do need more social housing agreed.

    But we also need to look more in to why so many people become homeless and what can be done to avoid them becoming homeless in the first place. I do believe a lot more can be done by Local Authorities around homelessness.

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